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1. De Jong, S., 2014. Working Together versus Working Autonomously : A New Power-Dependence Perspective on the Individual-Level of Analysis. Spanish Journal of Psychology, 17 (36), p. 1.
2. Weaver, M., Bonfiglioli, A. and Quariguasi Frota Neto, J., 2013. Classifying OR contribution to sustainability : Implications for governance and policymakers. In: Proceedings of the 18th YoungOR Conference, Essex. .
3. Galea, N. M., Scanlon, D. O., Morgan, B. J. and Watson, G. W., 2009. A GGA+U study of the reduction of ceria surfaces and their partial reoxidation through NO2 adsorption. Molecular Simulation, 35 (7), pp. 577-583.

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