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1. Spadea, S., Fraternali, F., Berardi, V. P. and Dentale, F., 2013. On the influence of the mix-design on the mechanical properties of concrete reinforced with recycled PET fibers. In: Problemi attuali e prospettive nell'ingegneria delle strutture, 2013, 2013-09-26 - 2013-09-27, Maratea.
2. Ascione, L., Giordano, A. and Spadea, S., 2010. Stabilita flesso-torsionale di travi pultruse di FRP. In: 39th AIAS National Conference, 2010, 2010-09-07 - 2010-09-10, Maratea.
3. Jayawardhana, B., Logemann, H. and Ryan, E. P., 2015. ISS for Lur'e type systems with set-valued nonlinearities. In: 2009 European Control Conference (ECC) 2009. IEEE, pp. 520-524.

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