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1. Button, K. S., 2016. Statistical rigor and the perils of chance. eNeuro, 3 (4).
2. Leguy, A. M. A., Hu, Y., Weller, M. and Campoy-Quiles, M., 2015. Reversible hydration of CH3NH3Pbl3 in films, single crystals, and solar cells. Chemistry of Materials, 27 (9), pp. 3397-3407.
3. Nelson, M. R., Sutton, K. J., Brook, B. S., Mallet, D. G., Simpson, D. P. and Rank, R. G., 2014. STI-GMaS:an open-source environment for simulationof sexually-transmitted infections. BMC Systems Biology, 8, p. 66.

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