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1. Gonzalez Duhart Muñoz De Cote, H., Morters, P. and Zimmer, G., 2017. Forthcoming. The semi-infinite asymmetric exclusion process: Large deviations via matrix products. Potential Analysis
2. Whitfield, H., Riley, A., Diogenous, S., Godage, H., Potter, B. and Brearley, C., 2017. Forthcoming. Simple synthesis of 32P-­‐labelled inositol hexakisphosphates for study of phosphate transformations. Plant and Soil
3. Muter, I., İlker Birbil, Ş. and Bülbül, K., 2017. Benders Decomposition and Column-and-Row Generation for Solving Large-Scale Linear Programs with Column-Dependent-Rows. European Journal of Operational Research

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