Opus Guidance

The following guidance and procedures are applied to the University of Bath repository. If you have any questions about these, please contact us.

Notice and Take Down Procedure [download full notice and take down procedure (pdf)]
We endeavour to ensure that Opus does not infringe any third party property rights or otherwise infringe UK law. This procedure sets out what to do if you discover any content in Opus that you believe infringes your rights and our prodecures on resolving such issues.
End User Licence [download full end user licence (pdf)]
This licnce sets out the terms and conditions of access to and use of the material held within Opus.
Repository Policies [download full repository policies (pdf)]
A collection of short policies covering metadata, data, content, submissions, and preservation.
Deposit Licence [download full deposit licence (pdf)]
When you submit material to Opus, we ask you to agree to this deposit licence. It asks you to confirm that you have the right to deposit the material in Opus and to give Opus the rights we need to store, copy and manipulate your work in order to make it freely available from Opus and preserve it for the future.
University of Bath Open Access Full Text Deposit Mandate [download full mandate (pdf)]
University of Bath researchers are required to deposit full-text copies of their peer reviewed journal articles and papers from published conference proceedings in Opus (copyright permitting). This mandate explains why and what this means in practice for you as a researcher

The repository will make its best effort to be accessible to all, including people with disabilities by conforming to W3C standards for conformity and validation.

The University of Bath reserves to right to change or otherwise modify these guidance at any time.