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Aaronson, B. D. B., He, D., Madrid, E., Johns, M. A., Scott, J. L., Fan, L., Doughty, J., Kadowaki, M. A. S., Polikarpov, I., McKeown, N. B. and Marken, F., 2017. Ionic diodes based on regenerated α-cellulose films deposited asymmetrically onto a microhole. ChemistrySelect, 2 (3), pp. 871-875. Item availability may be restricted.

Aliakbarinodehi, N., Jolly, P., Bhalla, N., Miodek, A., de Micheli, G., Estrela, P. and Carrara, S., 2017. Aptamer-based Field-Effect Biosensor for Tenofovir Detection. Scientific Reports, 7, 44409.

Aliev, G. N., Amonkosolpan, J. and Wolverson, D., 2016. Observation of oxygen dimers via energy transfer from silicon nanoparticles. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 18 (2), pp. 690-693.

Ansell, M., Ball, R., Maskell, D., Lawrence, R., Shea, A. and Walker, P., 2017. Green composites for the built environment. In: Green composites.2 ed. . (Woodhead Publishing Series in Composites Science and Engineering)

Arya, S. and Estrela, P., 2017. Electrochemical immunosensor for tumor necrosis factor-alpha detection in undiluted serum. Methods, 116, pp. 125-131. Item availability may be restricted.


Bagby, S. and Ishima, R., 2017. Forthcoming. Protein dynamics revealed by CPMG dispersion. In: Webb, G., ed. Modern Magnetic Resonance, 2nd edition. 9783319283876: Springer.

Bagby, S., Jain, M., Olsen, H., Preston, A. and Akeson, M., 2015. Use of MinION data to assemble the 67% GC genome sequence of Bordetella pertussis. In: Genome Science, 2015-09-07 - 2015-09-09, University of Birmingham.

Bauerlein, P., Emke, E., Tromp, P., Hofman, J., Carboni, A., Schooneman, F., de Voogt, P. and van Wezel, A., 2017. Is there evidence for man-made nanoparticles in the Dutch environment? Science of the Total Environment, 576, pp. 273-283. Item availability may be restricted.

Bhalla, N. and Estrela, P., 2017. Forthcoming. Biosensors for screening kinase inhibitors. Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry

Billaud, J., Eames, C., Tapia-Ruiz, N., Roberts, M. R., Naylor, A. J., Armstrong, A. R., Islam, M. S. and Bruce, P. G., 2017. Evidence of enhanced ion transport in Li-rich silicate intercalation materials. Advanced Energy Materials

Boden, M., Bryson, J., Caldwell, D., Dautenhahn, K., Edwards, L., Kember, S., Newman, P., Parry, V., Pegman, G., Rodden, T., Sorrell, T., Wallis, M., Whitby, B. and Winfield, A., 2017. Principles of robotics:regulating robots in the real world. Connection Science, 29 (2), pp. 124-129.

Bondarchuk, A. N., Peter, L. M., Kissling, G. P., Madrid, E., Aguilar-Martínez, J. A., Rymansaib, Z., Iravani, P., Gromboni, M., Mascaro, L. H., Walsh, A. and Marken, F., 2017. Forthcoming. Vacuum-annealing induces sub-surface redox-states in surfactant-structured α-Fe2O3 photoanodes prepared by ink-jet printing. Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 211, pp. 289-295.

Bowen, C. R., Dent, A. C., Stevens, R., Cain, M. G. and Avent, A., 2017. A new method to determine the un-poled elastic properties of ferroelectric materials. Science and Technology of Advanced Materials

Bowen, C., 2016. Additive manufacturing for next generation actuation. In: Recent Advances in Aerospace Actuation Systems and Components, 2016-03-16, Toulouse.

Bryson, J. J., 2017. The meaning of the EPSRC principles of robotics. Connection Science, 29 (2), pp. 130-136. Item availability may be restricted.

Burman, M., Carpenter, D. and Jack, R. L., 2017. Emergence of particle clusters in a one-dimensional model:connection to condensation processes. Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical, 50 (13), 135002. Item availability may be restricted.


Cabello, G., Gromboni, M. F., Pereira, E. C., Mascaro, L. H. and Marken, F., 2017. Microwave-Electrochemical Deposition of a Fe-Co Alloy with Catalytic Ability in Hydrogen Evolution. Electrochimica Acta, 235, pp. 480-487.

Caliskan, A., Bryson, J. J. and Narayanan, A., 2017. Semantics derived automatically from language corpora contain human-like biases. Science, 356 (6334), pp. 183-186.

Chandrasekaran, S., Kim, E. J., Chung, J. S., Yoo, I. K., Senthilkumar, V., Kim, Y. S., Bowen, C. R., Adamaki, V. and Hyun Hur, S., 2017. Structurally tuned lead magnesium titanate perovskite as a photoelectrode material for enhanced photoelectrochemical water splitting. Chemical Engineering Journal, 309, pp. 682-690. Item availability may be restricted.

Chen, C., Zhang, Y., Zeng, J., Zhang, F., Zhou, K., Bowen, C. and Zhang, D., 2017. Aligned macroporous TiO2/chitosan/reduced graphene oxide (rGO) composites for photocatalytic applications. Applied Surface Science Item availability may be restricted.

Cotton, S. A. and Raithby, P. R., 2017. Systematics and Surprises in Lanthanide Coordination Chemistry. Coordination Chemistry Reviews Item availability may be restricted.


Da Ros, S., Jones, M., Mattia, D., Schwaab, M., Noronha, F. and Pinto, J., 2017. Modelling the effects of reaction temperature and flow rate on the conversion of ethanol to 1,3-butadiene. Applied Catalysis A General, 530, pp. 37-47. Item availability may be restricted.

Delgado-Charro, B., Rodríguez-Bayón, A. M. and Guy, R. H., 1995. Iontophoresis of nafarelin:effects of current density and concentration on electrotransport in vitro. Journal of Controlled Release, 35 (1), pp. 35-40.

Delgado-Charro, M. B. and Guy, R. H., 1994. Iontophoresis of non electrolytes by electroosmosis. Proceedings of the International Symposium on Controlled Release of Bioactive Materials

Delgado-Charro, M. B., Kalia, Y. N. and Guy, R. H., 1998. The relative contributions of electrorepulsion and electroosmosis to iontophoretic transport. Proceedings of the International Symposium on Controlled Release of Bioactive Materials

Delgado-Charro, M. B. and Guy, R. H., 1995. Iontophoretic delivery of nafarelin across the skin. International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 117 (2), pp. 165-172.

Delgado-Charro, M. B., Iglesias-Vilas, G., Blanco-Méndez, J., López-Quintela, M. A., Marty, J. P. and Guy, R. H., 1997. Delivery of a hydrophilic solute through the skin from novel microemulsion systems. European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics, 43 (1), pp. 37-42.

Delgado-Charro, M. and Guy, R., 2009. Use of amorolfine for treating a nail disease by iontophoresis. A61K 31/5375 (2006.01), A61P 17/08 (2006.01), A61P 31/10 (2006.01), A61N 1/30 (2006.01)- WO/2009/065787, 28 May 2009.

Deng, Y., Eames, C., Fleutot, B., David, R., Chotard, J. N., Suard, E., Masquelier, C. and Islam, M. S., 2017. Enhancing the Lithium Ion Conductivity in Lithium Superionic Conductor (LISICON) Solid Electrolytes through a Mixed Polyanion Effect. ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 9 (8), pp. 7050-7058. Item availability may be restricted.

Drewitt, J. W. E., Salmon, P. S., Zeidler, A., Benmore, C. J. and Hannon, A. C., 2017. Structure of rare-earth chalcogenide glasses by neutron and x-ray diffraction. Journal of physics. Condensed matter : an Institute of Physics journal, 29 (22), p. 225703.


Elías-Maxil, J. A., Hofman, J., Wols, B. A., Clemens, F., van der Hoek, J. P. and Rietveld, L. C., 2017. Development and performance of a parsimonious model to estimate temperature in sewer networks. Urban Water Journal Item availability may be restricted.


Fullerton, C. J. and Jack, R. L., 2016. Optimising self-assembly through time-dependent interactions. Journal of Chemical Physics, 145 (24), 244505.


Gaiji, H., Jolly, P., Ustuner, S., Goggins, S., Abderrabba, M., Frost, C. and Estrela, P., 2017. A peptide nucleic acid (PNA)-DNA ferrocenyl intercalator for electrochemical sensing. Electroanalysis, 29 (3), pp. 917-922. Item availability may be restricted.

Glover, E., Bowen, C., Gathercole, N., Pountney, O., Ball, M., Spacie, C. and Seunarine, K., 2017. Graphene based skins on thermally responsive composites for deicing applications. In: Behavior and Mechanics of Multifunctional Materials and Composites 2017, 2017-03-25 - 2017-03-25.

Griffiths, J. T., Ren, C. X., Coulon, P. M., Le Boulbar, E. D., Bryce, C. G., Girgel, I., Howkins, A., Boyd, I., Martin, R. W., Allsopp, D. W.E., Shields, P. A., Humphreys, C. J. and Oliver, R. A., 2017. Structural impact on the nanoscale optical properties of InGaN core-shell nanorods. Applied Physics Letters, 110 (17), 172105.

Guy, R. H., Kalia, Y. N., Delgado-Charro, M. B., Merino, V., López, A. and Marro, D., 2000. Iontophoresis:electrorepulsion and electroosmosis. Journal of Controlled Release, 64 (1-3), pp. 129-132.


Harris, P., Arafa, M., Litak, G., Bowen, C. R. and Iwaniec, J., 2017. Output response identification in a multistable system for piezoelectric energy harvesting. European Physical Journal B, 90 (1), 20.

He, D., Madrid, E., Aaronson, B. D. B., Fan, L., Doughty, J., Mathwig, K., Bond, A. M., Mckeown, N. B. and Marken, F., 2017. A cationic diode based on asymmetric nafion film deposits. ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 9 (12), pp. 11272-11278.

He, D., Rauwel, E., Malpass-Evans, R., Carta, M., McKeown, N. B., Gorle, D. B., Anbu Kulandainathan, M. and Marken, F., 2017. Redox reactivity at silver microparticle—glassy carbon contacts under a coating of polymer of intrinsic microporosity (PIM). Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry

Hussain, A., Schorr, D., Blanchet, P., Calabria-Holley, J. and Lawrence, R., 2017. Forthcoming. Hydrophobic sol-gel coatings on bio-based materilas- influence of catalyst and solvent concentration. In: 2nd International Conference in Bio-Based materials, 2017-06-21 - 2017-06-23.


Iglesias Vilas, G., Delgado-Charro, M., Blanco Mendez, J., Lopez Quintela, A. and Guy, R., 1999. Procedimiento de control por iontophoresis del paso a traves de membrana a traves de sustancias incluidas en microemulsiones. ES 2 127 693 B1, 16 April 1999.


Jack, R. L. and Evans, M., 2016. Absence of dissipation in trajectory ensembles biased by currents. Journal of Statistical Mechanics-Theory and Experiment, 2016 (9), 093305. Item availability may be restricted.

Jolly, P., Miodek, A., Yang, D. K., Chen, L. C., Lloyd, M. and Estrela, P., 2016. Electro-engineered polymeric films for the development of sensitive aptasensors for prostate cancer marker detection. ACS Sensors, 1 (11), pp. 1308-1314. Item availability may be restricted.

Jolly, P., Zhurauski, P., Hammond, J., Miodek, A., Liebana, S., Bertok, T., Tkac, J. and Estrela, P., 2017. Self-assembled gold nanoparticles for impedimetric and amperometric detection of a prostate cancer biomarker. Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical Item availability may be restricted.


Kumar, A., Sharma, A., Kumar, R., Vaish, R. and Bowen, C. R., 2016. Performance of K0.5Na0.5NbO3-LiSbO3-CaTiO3 ceramics in acoustic energy harvesting exposed to sound pressure. Ferroelectrics, 504 (1), pp. 149-159.


Luzardo-Alvarez, A., Rodríguez-Fernández, M., Blanco-Méndez, J., Guy, R. H. and Delgado-Charro, M. B., 1998. Iontophoretic permselectivity of mammalian skin:characterization of hairless mouse and porcine membrane models. Pharmaceutical Research, 15 (7), pp. 984-987.


Main, P., Mosley, P. J., Ding, W., Zhang, L. and Gorbach, A. V., 2016. Hybrid microfiber-lithium-niobate nanowaveguide structures as high-purity heralded single-photon sources. Physical Review A: Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics, 94 (6), 063844.

Marken, F., Squires, A. M., Alden, J. A., Compton, R. G., Buston, J. E. H. and Moloney, M. G., 1998. Mechanistic aspects of the electrocatalytic oxidative cleavage of 1,2-diols by electrogenerated Pb(IV). Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 102 (7), pp. 1186-1192.

Maskell, D., Church, M., Thomson, A., Walker, P. and Robinson, T., 2017. Development of a Bio-Based Plasterboard. In: International Conference on Bio-Based Building Materials 2017, 2017-06-21 - 2017-06-23, France.

Maskell, D., Ferreira Pinto Da Silva, C., Mower, K., Cheta, R., Dengel, A., Ball, R., Ansell, M., Thomson, A., Peter, U. and Walker, P., 2017. Bio-based plaster for improved indoor air quality. In: International Conference on Bio-Based Building Materials 2017, 2017-06-21 - 2017-06-23, France.

Maskell, D., Thomson, A. and Walker, P., 2017. Multi-criteria selection of building materials. Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers: Construction Materials Item availability may be restricted.

Maskell, D., Thomson, A., Walker, P. and Lemke, M., 2016. Direct measurement of effective moisture buffering penetration depths in clay plasters. In: LEHM 2016, 2016-11-12 - 2016-11-14. Dachverband Lehm e.V., Weimar.

McGaughey, A. J.H. and Mattia, D., 2017. Materials enabling nanofluidic flow enhancement. MRS Bulletin, 42 (4), pp. 273-275.

Montiel, M. A., Iniesta, J., Gross, A. J. and Marken, F., 2017. Dual-plate gold-gold microtrench electrodes for generator-collector voltammetry without supporting electrolyte. Electrochimica Acta, 224, pp. 487-495. Item availability may be restricted.



O'Kane, S., Richardson, G., Pockett, A., Niemann, R., Cave, J., Sakai, N., Eperon, G., Snaith, H., Foster, J., Cameron, P. and Walker, A., 2016. Measurement and modelling of dark current decay transients in perovskite solar cells. Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 2017 (5), pp. 452-462. Item availability may be restricted.

Olowojoba, G. B., Kopsidas, S., Eslava Fernandez, S., Gutierrez, E. S., Kinloch, A. J., Mattevi, C., Rocha, V. G. and Taylor, A. C., 2017. A facile way to produce epoxy nanocomposites having excellent thermal conductivity with low contents of reduced graphene oxide. Journal of Materials Science


Pappas, G. S., Wan, C., Bowen, C., Haddleton, D. M. and Huang, X., 2017. Functionalization of BaTiO3 nanoparticles with electron insulating and conducting organophosphazene-based hybrid materials. RSC Advances, 7 (32), pp. 19674-19683.

Perkins, S. J., Wright, D. W., Zhang, H., Brookes, E. H., Chen, J., Irving, T. C., Krueger, S., Barlow, D. J., Edler, K. J., Scott, D. J., Terrill, N. J., King, S. M., Butler, P. D. and Curtis, J. E., 2016. Atomistic modelling of scattering data in the Collaborative Computational Project for Small Angle Scattering (CCP-SAS). Journal of Applied Crystallography, 49 (6), pp. 1861-1875.

Pula, G., Posner, M., Upadhyay, A. and Bagby, S., 2013. Extracellular fibrinogen-binding protein (Efb) from Staphylococcus aureus inhibits fibrinogen binding, platelet aggregation and whole blood thrombus formation. In: XXIVth Congress of the International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis, 2013-06-20 - 2013-06-24, Amsterdam RAI.


Razali, A., Fullerton, C. J., Turci, F., Hallett, J. E., Jack, R. L. and Royall, C. P., 2017. Effects of vertical confinement on gelation and sedimentation of colloids. Soft Matter, 13 (17), pp. 3230-3239.

Regue Grino, M., Johnson, A. and Eslava Fernandez, S., 2017. Nanostructured TiO2-MoO3 heterojunctions for solar fuels- 3rd presentation. In: Joint Solar Fuels Network and Supersolar Symposium, 2017-04-26 - 2017-04-26, Imperial College London.

Ribeiro, F. W. P., Gromboni, M. F., Marken, F. and Mascaro, L. H., 2016. Photoelectrocatalytic properties of BiVO4 prepared with different alcohol solvents. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 41 (39), pp. 17380-17389.

Ridd, M., Garfield, K., Gaunt, D., Hollinghurst, S., Redmond, N., Powell, K., Wilson, V., Guy, R., Ball, N., Shaw, L., Purdy, S. and Metcalfe, C., 2016. Choice of moisturiser for eczema treatment (COMET):feasibility study of a randomised controlled parallel group trial in children recruited from primary care. BMJ Open, 6 (11), e012021.

Rong, Y., He, D., Malpass-Evans, R., Carta, M., McKeown, N. B., Gromboni, M. F., Mascaro, L. H., Nelson, G. W., Foord, J. S., Holdway, P., Dale, S. E. C., Bending, S. and Marken, F., 2017. High-utilisation nanoplatinum catalyst (Pt@cPIM) obtained via vacuum carbonisation in a molecularly rigid polymer of intrinsic microporosity. Electrocatalysis, 8 (2), pp. 132-143.

Roscow, J., Topolov, V. Y., Bowen, C., Taylor, J. and Panich, A. E., 2016. Understanding the peculiarities of the piezoelectric effect in macro-porous BaTiO3. Science and Technology of Advanced Materials, 17 (1), pp. 769-776.

Rzhevskiy, A. S., Guy, R. H. and Anissimov, Y. G., 2016. Modelling drug flux through microporated skin. Journal of Controlled Release, 241, pp. 194-199. Item availability may be restricted.


Salmon, P. S., Zeidler, A. and Fischer, H. E., 2016. Optimising the counting times for sample-in-container scattering experiments. Journal of Applied Crystallography, 49 (6), pp. 2249-2251.

Sanchez-Fernandez, A., Edler, K. J., Arnold, T., Alba Venero, D. and Jackson, A. J., 2017. Protein conformation in pure and hydrated deep eutectic solvents. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics

Sanchez-Fernandez, A., Arnold, T., Jackson, A. J., Fussell, S. L., Heenan, R. K., Campbell, R. A. and Edler, K. J., 2016. Micellization of alkyltrimethylammonium bromide surfactants in choline chloride:glycerol deep eutectic solvent. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 18 (48), pp. 33240-33249.

Shahsavari, H., Fereidoonnezhad, M., Niazi, M., Mosavi, T., Kazemi, S. H., Kia, R., Shirkhan, S., Aghdam, S. A. and Raithby, P., 2017. Cyclometalated platinum(II) complexes of 2,2'-bipyridine N-oxide containing 1,1'-bis(diphenylphosphino)ferrocene ligand: Structural, computational and electrochemical studies. Dalton Transactions, 46 (6), pp. 2013-2022. Item availability may be restricted.

Shepperd, N. E., Harrison, R. S., Ruiz-Gomez, G., Abbenante, G., Mason, J. M. and Fairlie, D. P., 2016. Downsizing the BAD BH3 peptide to small constrained alpha-helices with improved ligand efficiency. Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, 14 (46), pp. 10939-10945.

Soper, A. K. and Edler, K. J., 2017. Coarse-grained empirical potential structure refinement:Application to a reverse aqueous micelle. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta - General Subjects


Tamboli, V. K., Bhalla, N., Jolly, P., Bowen, C. R., Taylor, J. T., Bowen, J. L., Allender, C. J. and Estrela, P., 2016. Hybrid synthetic receptors on MOSFET devices for detection of prostate specific antigen in human plasma. Analytical Chemistry, 88 (23), pp. 11486-11490. Item availability may be restricted.


Walker, P., 2017. Editorial. Proceedings of Institution of Civil Engineers: Construction Materials, 170 (1), pp. 1-2.

Walker, P., Thomson, A. and Maskell, D., 2017. To Your Health:health benefits of natural building materials. In: King, B., ed. New Carbon Architecture. New Society Publishers.

Wan, C. and Bowen, C. R., 2017. Multiscale-structuring of polyvinylidene fluoride for energy harvesting:the impact of molecular-, micro- and macro-structure. Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 5 (7), pp. 3091-3128. Item availability may be restricted.

Wang, F., Kinloch, I., Wolverson, D., Tenne, R., Zak, A., O'Connell, E., Bangert, U. and Young, R., 2017. Strain-induced phonon shifts in tungsten disulfide nanoplatelets and nanotubes. 2D Materials, 4 (1), 015007.

Wang, Q., Zhang, X., Bowen, C. R., Li, M.-Y., Ma, J., Qiu, S., Liu, H. and Jiang, S., 2017. Effect of Zr/Ti ratio on microstructure and electrical properties of pyroelectric ceramics for energy harvesting applications. Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 710, pp. 869-874. Item availability may be restricted.

Wang, W., Cao, J., Bowen, C. R., Zhou, S. and Lin, J., 2017. Optimum resistance analysis and experimental verification of nonlinear piezoelectric energy harvesting from human motions. Energy, 118, pp. 221-230. Item availability may be restricted.

Weber, J., Wain, A. J., Attard, G. A. and Marken, F., 2017. Electrothermal Annealing of Catalytic Platinum Microwire Electrodes:Towards Membrane-Free pH 7 Glucose Micro-Fuel Cells. Electroanalysis, 29 (1), pp. 38-44. Item availability may be restricted.

Wolverson, D., 2016. Rhenium monoselenide:an investigation by density functional theory. Physica Status Solidi (B), 253 (8), pp. 1461-1464.


Xie, M., Dunn, S., Le Boulbar, E. and Bowen, C. R., 2017. Pyroelectric energy harvesting for water splitting. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy Item availability may be restricted.

Xie, M., Zabek, D., Bowen, C., Abdelmageed, M. and Arafa, M., 2016. Wind-driven pyroelectric energy harvesting device. Smart Materials and Structures, 25 (12), 125023. Item availability may be restricted.

Xiong, Y., He, D., Jaber, R., Cameron, P. J. and Edler, K. J., 2017. Sulfur-Doped Cubic Mesostructured Titania Films for Use as a Solar Photocatalyst. Journal of Physical Chemistry C Item availability may be restricted.


Yuan, Y., Zhan, C., He, K., Chen, H., Yao, W., Sharifi-Asl, S., Song, B., Yang, Z., Nie, A., Luo, X., Wang, H., Wood, S. M., Amine, K., Islam, M. S., Lu, J. and Shahbazian-Yassar, R., 2016. The influence of large cations on the electrochemical properties of tunnel-structured metal oxides. Nature Communications, 7, 13374.


Zhang, D., Zhou, X., Roscow, J., Zhou, K., Wang, L., Luo, H. and Bowen, C. R., 2017. Significantly enhanced energy storage density by modulating the aspect ratio of BaTiO3 nanofibers. Scientific Reports, 7, 45179.

Zhang, J., Salles, I., Pering, S., Cameron, P., Mattia, D. and Eslava Fernandez, S., 2017. Forthcoming. Citric acid as an effective anodisationelectrolyte for the fabrication of WO3 photoanodes. In: Joint Solar Fuels Network and Supersolar Symposium, 2017-04-26 - 2017-04-26, Imperial College London.

Zhang, Y., Xie, M., Roscow, J., Bao, Y., Zhou, K., Zhang, D. and Bowen, C. R., 2017. Enhanced pyroelectric and piezoelectric properties of PZT with aligned porosity for energy harvesting applications. Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 5 (14), pp. 6569-6580.

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