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Riggs, P., Bowyer, A. and Vincent, J., 2010. Advantages of a biomimetic stiffness profile in pitching flexible fin propulsion. Journal of Bionic Engineering, 7 (2), pp. 113-119.

Ross, H. A., McDougall, G. J., Vincent, J. F. V., Stewart, D., Verrall, S. and Taylor, M. A., 2010. Discerning intra-tuber differences in textural properties in cooked Solanum tuberosum group Tuberosum and group Phureja tubers. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, 90 (9), pp. 1527-1532.


Collins, K. M., Brassington, H. J., Ferris, M. T., Middleton, J., Williamson, B. J., Yao, J., Megill, W. and Dolan, S. C., 2009. Hawthorne 2.0 - same boat, new guts. In: Presentation to the third annual SAUC-E competition hosted by the DGA, DSTL and the MoD, 2009-01-01, Brest.

Collins, K., Bowyer, A. and Megill, W., 2009. Asymmetries of Flexible Foil Locomotion. In: The Fourth International Symposium on Aero-Aqua Bio-Mechanisms, 2009-08-29 - 2009-09-02.

D'Ayala, D. and Ansal, A., 2009. Non-linear Push Over Assessment of Historic Buildings in Istanbul to Define Vulnerability Functions. In: WCCE – ECCE – TCCE Joint Conference: Earthquake and Tsunami, 2009-06-22 - 2009-06-24.

Maud, J. L., Megill, W. and Stelle, L. L., 2009. Predator-prey cycling in grey whales off British Columbia. In: 2009 Annual Meeting of the European Cetacean Society, 2009-03-01.

Vincent, J. F. V., 2009. If it's tanned it must be dry: A Critique. Journal of Adhesion, 85 (11), pp. 755-769.


Calambokidis, J., Laake, J., Gosho, M., Gearin, P., Szaniszlo, W., Newell, C., Tombach, C., Megill, W. and Deecke, V. B., 2008. Seasonal resident gray whales in the Pacific Northwest: Results from collaborative research from 1999 to 2007. In: 2008 meeting of the American Cetacean Society, 2008-11-01.

Collins, K., Foerster, F., Dolan, S., Bowyer, A. and Megill, W., 2008. Kinematics and Force Characterisation of a Knifefish-Inspired Mechanical Propulsor. In: Proceedings Biological Approaches for Engineering. Southampton: Institue of Sound and Vibration Research, pp. 30-33.

Maud, J. L., Stelle, L. L. and Megill, W., 2008. A "switching" predator in a changing ocean: Is predator-prey cycling in grey whales feeding near Cape Caution, BC, sustainable? In: 2008 meeting of the American Cetacean Society, 2008-11-01.

Megill, W. and Garcia Carreras, B., 2008. Using a SeaBat 8128 to study the underwater behaviour of grey whales in a Mexican breeding lagoon. In: Reson Users' Conference, Oceanology International, 2008-01-01.

Senko, J., Kock, V. and Megill, W., 2008. Habitat use of black turtles (Chelonia mydas) in San Ignacio Lagoon, Mexico. Other. LSI Ecosystem Science Program.

Stelle, L. L., Megill, W. and Kinzel, M. R., 2008. Activity budget, diving behavior and foraging ecology of gray whales (Eschrichtius robustus) off coastal British Columbia. In: 2008 meeting of the American Cetacean Society, 2008-11-01, Monterrey, CA.

Vincent, J. F. V., 2008. Biomimetic materials. Journal of Materials Research, 23 (12), pp. 3140-3147.

Wladichuk, J., Megill, W., Maud, J. L. and Stelle, L. L., 2008. Grey whales - population trends, prey and acoustics. In: Annual British Columbia Marine Mammal Symposium, UBC, 2008-11-01.

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