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Abou-Shehada, S., Teasdale, M. C., Bull, S. D., Wade, C. E. and Williams, J. M. J., 2015. Lewis acid activation of pyridines for nucleophilic aromatic substitution and conjugate addition. ChemSusChem, 8 (6), pp. 1083-1087.

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Archer, R. M., Royer, S. F., Mahy, W., Winn, C. L., Danson, M. J. and Bull, S. D., 2013. Syntheses of 2-Keto-3-deoxy- D-xylonate and 2-Keto-3-deoxy-L-arabinonate as stereochemical probes for demonstrating the metabolic promiscuity of sulfolobus solfataricus towards D-xylose and L-arabinose. Chemistry - A European Journal, 19 (8), pp. 2895-2902.


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