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Feng, Y., Williams, B. G., Koumanov, F., Wolstenholme, A. J. and Holman, G. D., 2013. FGT-1 is The major glucose transporter in C. elegans and is central to aging pathways. Biochemical Journal, 456 (2), pp. 219-229.

Koumanov, F., Pereira, V. J., Whitley, P. R. and Holman, G. D., 2012. GLUT4 Traffic through an ESCRT-III-Dependent Sorting Compartment in Adipocytes. PLoS ONE, 7 (9), e44141.

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Whitley, P., Gibbard, A. M., Koumanov, F., Oldfield, S., Kilgour, E. E., Prestwich, G. D. and Holman, G. D., 2002. Identification of centaurin-alpha 2: a phosphatidylinositide-binding protein present in fat, heart and skeletal muscle. European Journal of Cell Biology, 81 (4), pp. 222-230.

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