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Book Sections

Blondel, P., Pace, N., Jayasyundere, N., Cosci, M., Hovem, J. and Larsen, M., 2006. Multiple-aspect scattering (MAS) measurements. In: Blondel, P. and Caiti, A., eds. Buried Waste in the Seabed : Acoustic Imaging and Bio-toxicity (Results from the European SITAR project). Chichester, Berlin, Heidelberg, New York: Springer, 19--24.

Blondel, P., Pace, N., Heald, G. and Brothers, R., 2001. High-frequency bistatic scattering: comparison of tank and sea experiments. In: Leighton, T., Heald, G., Griffiths, H. and Griffiths, G., eds. Acoustical Oceanography.Vol. 23. Institute of Acoustics, 276--282.

Pace, N. G., Wood, W. J. and Jones, C. M. A., 1994. Short range propagation through an inhomogeneous medium. In: Proceedings of OCEANS'94: Oceans Engineering for Today's Technology and Tomorrow's Preservation.Vol. 3. IEEE, III/172-III/177.


Guigné, J. Y., Stacey, A. J., Clements, C., Azad, S., Pant, A., Gogacz, A., Hunt, W. and Pace, N. G., 2014. Acoustic zoom high-resolution seismic beamforming for imaging specular and non-specular energy of deep oil and gas bearing geological formations. Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering, 21, pp. 568-591.

Meredith, R. W., Stanic, S. J., Goodman, R. R., Kennedy, E. T. and Pace, N. G., 2004. Comparisons of high-frequency acoustic fluctuations with ocean-temperature and sea-surface fluctuations in shallow water. IEEE Journal of Oceanic Engineering, 29, p. 524.

Canepa, G., Bergem, O. and Pace, N. G., 2003. A new algorithm for automatic processing of bathymetric data. IEEE Journal of Oceanic Engineering, 28 (1), pp. 62-77.

Chotiros, N. P., Lyons, A. P., Osler, J. and Pace, N. G., 2002. Normal incidence reflection loss from a sandy sediment. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 112, pp. 1831-1842.

Conference or Workshop Items

Blondel, P. and Pace, N. G., 2007. High-frequency bistatic scattering on seabed and targets: Comparison of scaled and full-scale experiments with sea trials. In: International Conference on Detection and Classification of Underwater Targets 2007, 2007-09-17 - 2007-09-18. Institute of Acoustics, pp. 147-154.

Pace, N., Pouliquen, E. and Canepa, G., 2004. Recent advances in sensing seabed properties. In: The Application of recent advances in underwater detection and survey techniques to underwater archeology, 2004-05-01.

Canepa, G., Pace, N., Pouliquen, E., Franchi, P., Lombardi, R., Sisti, C. and Akal, T., 2003. Seafloor properties and segmentation. In: 6th International Conference on Theoretical & Computational Acoustics, 2003-08-01.

Jayasundere, N., Blondel, P. and Pace, N., 2003. High frequency bistatic scattering experiments in a laboratory tank. In: 10th International Congress on Sound & Vibration, 2003-06-01.

Dobbins, P., Blondel, P., Pace, N. and Karasolo, I., 2003. SITAR; Localisation and imaging of seafloor targets with multiple aspect scattering. In: 10th International Congress on Sound & Vibration, 2003-06-01.

Canepa, G., Pace, N. and Poouliquen, E., 2002. Field measurements of bistatic scattering strength. In: 6th European conference on Underwater Acoustics, 2002-06-01.

Blondel, P., McCloghrie, P., Pace, N., Heald, G. and Brothers, R., 2002. High frequency bistatic scattering: comparison of model and tank data. In: 6th European conference on Underwater Acoustics, 2002-06-01.

Canepa, G., Pouliquen, E., Pace, N., Figoli, A. and Franchi, P., 2002. Validation of a seafloor segmentation algorithm for multibeam data. In: 6th European conference on Underwater Acoustics, 2002-06-01.

Mccloghrie, P., Blondel, P., Pace, N., Heald, G. and Brothers, R., 2001. Bistatic sonar and quantification of seafloor processes. In: American Geophysical Union, Fall Meeting 2001, 2001-12-01.

Brothers, R., Heald, G., Mccloghrie, P., Blondel, P. and Pace, N., 2001. Comparison of bistatic scatter modeling wioth experimental tank data at 250kHz. In: 142nd Meeting Acoustical Society America, 2001-12-01.

Pouliquen, E., Lyons, A., Pace, N., Michelozi, E. and Muzi, L., 2001. Backscattering from bioturbated sediments at very high frequencies. In: SACLANTCEN SR -342, 2001-05-01.

Meredith, R., Mtanic, S., Goodman, R., Kennedy, E. and Pace, N., 2001. Comparisons of high frequency acoustic and shallow water ocean temperature fluctuations. In: 141st Meeting Acoustical Society America, 2001-05-01.

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