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May, D., Todd, C. M. and Rand-Weaver, M., 1997. cDNA cloning of eel (Anguilla anguilla) somatolactin. Gene, 188 (1), pp. 63-67.

Collins, J. E., Cole, C. G., Smink, L. J., Garrett, C. L., Leversha, M. A., Soderlund, C. A., Maslen, G. L., Everett, L. A., Rice, K. M., Coffey, A. J., G Gregory, S., Gwilliam, R., Dunham, A., Davies, A. F., Hassock, S., Todd, C., Lehrach, H., Hulsebos, T. J. M., Weissenbach, J., Morrow, B., Kucherlapati, R. S., Wadey, R., Scambler, P., Kim, U.-J., Simon, M. I., Peyard, M., Xie, Y.-G., Carter, N. P., Durbin, R., Dumanski, J. P., Bentley, D. R. and Dunham, I., 1995. A high-density YAC contig map of human chromosome 22. Nature, 377 (6547 Suppl), pp. 367-79.

Cuthbert, A. P., Trott, D. A., Ekong, R. M., Jezzard, S., England, N. L., Themis, M., Todd, C. M. and Newbold, R. F., 1995. Construction and characterization of a highly stable human:rodent monochromosomal hybrid panel for genetic complementation and genome mapping studies. Cytogenetics and Cell Genetics, 71 (1), pp. 68-76.

Trott, D.A., Cuthbert, A.P., Todd, C.M., Themis, M. and Newbold, R.F., 1995. Novel use of a selectable fusion gene as an 'in-out' marker for studying genetic loss in mammalian cells. Molecular Carcinogenesis, 12 (4), pp. 213-224.

Jones, M. H., Khwaja, O. S. A., Briggs, H., Lambson, B., Davey, P. M., Chalmers, J., Zhou, C.-Y., Walker, E. M., Zhang, Y., Todd, C., Ferguson-Smith, M. A. and Affara, N. A., 1994. A set of ninety-seven overlapping yeast artificial chromosome clones spanning the human Y chromosome euchromatin. Genomics, 24 (2), pp. 266-275.

Vetrie, D., Kendall, E., Coffey, A., Hassock, S., Collins, J., Todd, C., Lehrach, H., Bobrow, M., Bentley, D.R. and Harris, A., 1994. A 6.5-Mb yeast artificial chromosome contig incorporating 33 DNA markers on the human X chromosome at Xq22. Genomics, 19 (1), pp. 42-47.

Bentley, D.R., Todd, C., Collins, J., Holland, J., Dunham, I., Hassock, S., Bankier, A. and Giannelli, F., 1992. The development and application of automated gridding for efficient screening of yeast and bacterial ordered libraries. Genomics, 12 (3), pp. 534-541.

Conference or Workshop Items

Hounsell, D., Todd, C. and Litjens, J., 2005. First and final-year courses in undergraduate biosciences as teaching-learning environments. In: 1st Science Learning and Teaching Conference, 2005-01-01.

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