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Evans, R., Stewart, M. and Wilding, N. B., 2017. Drying and wetting transitions of a Lennard-Jones fluid: Simulations and density functional theory. Journal of Chemical Physics, 147, 044701. Item availability may be restricted.

Wilding, N., 2016. Critical drying of liquids. Physical Review Letters, 117 (17), 176102.

Wilding, N. B., 2016. Improved grand canonical sampling of vapour-liquid transitions. Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 28 (41), 414016.

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Wilding, N., Light, P. S., Couny, F. and Benabid, F., 2008. Experimental Comparison of Electromagnetically Induced Transparency in Acetylene-Filled Kagome and Triangular Lattice Hollow Core Photonic Crystal Fiber. In: 2008 Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics & Quantum Electronics and Laser Science Conference.Vol. 1-9. IEEE, pp. 1953-1954. (IEEE Lasers and Electro-Optics Society (LEOS) Annual Meeting)

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Maciolek, A., Evans, R. and Wilding, N. B., 2003. Effects of weak surface fields on the density profiles and adsorption of a confined fluid near bulk criticality. Journal of Chemical Physics, 119 (16), pp. 8663-8675.

Wilding, N. B. and Schmid, F., 2002. Wetting of a symmetrical binary fluid mixture on a wall. Computer Physics Communications, 147 (1-2), pp. 149-153.

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