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White, A., 2014. Polish return and double return migration. Europe-Asia Studies, 66 (1), pp. 25-49.

White, A., 2011. ”Families don’t return”: Post-2004 Polish family migration and settlement in the UK. In: IMISCOE workshop ‘The Economic and Local Consequences of Labour Migration from Central and Eastern Europe in a Time of Economic Crisis’, 2011-06-01.

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White, A., 2010. How and why people use transnational migration networks in small-town Poland. In: New Migrations, New Challenges, 2010-06-30 - 2010-07-03.

White, A., 2010. Migracja z dziećmi do Anglii jako strategia życiowa polskich kobiet. In: Kindler, M. and Napierała, J., eds. Migracje kobiet przypadek Polski. Warsaw: Warsaw University Centre of Migration Research / Wydawnictwo Naukowe Scholar.

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White, A., 2005. English features in a Russian mirror (Angliiskii obraz v russkom zerkale). In: Grishaeva, L. and Tsurikova, L., eds. Strategii uspekha i faktory riska v mezhkul'turnoi kommunikatsii. Voronezh, Russia: Voronezh State University, pp. 58-66.

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White, A., 2003. Mother Russia: Changing attitudes to ethnicity and national identity in Russia's regions. In: Andall, J., ed. Gender and Ethnicity in Contemporary Europe. Oxford: Berg, pp. 179-198.

White, A., 2002. Albania in the File on H and other works by Ismail Kadare. In: Crawshaw, R., ed. European Writers at the Margin Symposium, 2002-01-01.

White, A., 2001. 'Ponyat' tendentsii izmeneniya obshchestva delo slozhoe. In: Vestnik. Bednodemyanovsk, Russia: , p. 3.

White, A., 2001. Teachers in contemporary provincial Russia. Education in Russia, the Independent States and Eastern Europe, 19, pp. 2-13.

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