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Meeran, S. and Morshed, M. S., 2014. Evaluation of a hybrid genetic tabu search framework on job shop scheduling benchmark problems. International Journal of Production Research, 52 (9), pp. 5780-2798.

Goodwin, P., Meeran, S. and Dyussekeneva, K., 2014. The challenges of pre-launch forecasting of adoption time series for new durable products. International Journal of Forecasting, 30 (4), 1082–1097.

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Meeran, S., Dyussekeneva, K. and Goodwin, P., 2013. Sales forecasting using combination of diffusion model and forecast market : An adaption of prediction/preference markets. In: Proceedings of 7th IFAC Conference on Manufacturing Modelling, Management, and Control, 2013. IFAC, pp. 87-92. (Manufacturing Modelling, Management, and Control; 7/1)

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Sidawi, B. and Meeran, S., 2011. A framework for providing lifelong finance to the owners of affordable dwellings in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Cities, 28 (2), pp. 138-146.

Wilkins, S. and Meeran, S., 2011. Student performance–university preference model : a framework for helping students choose the right A‐level subjects. Educational Studies, 37 (5), pp. 541-555.

Onal, L., Zeydan, M., Korkmaz, M. and Meeran, S., 2009. Predicting the seam strength of notched webbings for parachute assemblies using the Taguchi's design of experiment and artificial neural networks. Textile Research Journal, 79 (5), pp. 468-478.

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Jain, A. S. and Meeran, S., 2002. A multi-level hybrid framework applied to the general flow-shop scheduling problem. Computers and Operations Research, 29 (13), pp. 1873-1901.

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