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Williams, N. R., Molinari, M., Parker, S. C. and Storr, M. T., 2015. Atomistic investigation of the structure and transport properties of tilt grain boundaries of UO2. Journal of Nuclear Materials, 458, pp. 45-55.

Skelton, J. M., Crespo-Otero, R., Hatcher, L. E., Parker, S. C., Raithby, P. R. and Walsh, A., 2015. Energetics, thermal isomerisation and photochemistry of the linkage-isomer system [Ni(Et4dien)(η2-O,ON)(η1-NO2)]. CrystEngComm, 17 (2), pp. 383-394.

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Srivastava, D., Azough, F., Molinari, M., Parker, S. C. and Freer, R., 2014. Forthcoming. High-temperature thermoelectric properties of (1 − x) SrTiO3 − (x) La1/3NbO3 ceramic solid solution. Journal of Electronic Materials

Whiteside, A., Fisher, C.A.J., Parker, S.C. and Islam, S., 2014. Particle shapes and surface structures of olivine NaFePO4 in comparison to LiFePO. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 16 (39), pp. 21788-21794.

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Martins, D. M. S., Molinari, M., Gonc¸alves, M. A., Mirão, J. P. and Parker, S. C., 2014. Toward modeling clay mineral nanoparticles : the edge surfaces of pyrophyllite and their interaction with water. Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 118 (47), pp. 27308-27317.

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Bhatta, U. M., Reid, D., Sakthivel, T., Sayle, T. X. T., Sayle, D., Molinari, M., Parker, S. C., Ross, I. M., Seal, S. and Möbus, G., 2013. Morphology and surface analysis of pure and doped cuboidal ceria nanoparticles. Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 117 (46), pp. 24561-24569.

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Bristow, J. K., Parker, S. C., A. Catlow, C. R., Woodley, S. M. and Walsh, A., 2013. Microscopic origin of the optical processes in blue sapphire. Chemical Communications, 49 (46), pp. 5259-5261.

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Crabtree, J., Molinari, M., Parker, S. C. and Purton, J. A., 2013. Simulation of the adsorption and transport of CO2 on faujasite surfaces. Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 117 (42), pp. 21778-21787.

Rezende, M.V. D. S., Arrouvel, C., Parker, S. C., Rey, J.F.Q. and Valerio, M.E.G., 2012. Study of surfaces and morphologies of proteic sol–gel derived barium aluminate nanopowders: An experimental and computational study. Materials Chemistry and Physics, 136 (2-3), pp. 1052-1059.

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Allen, J. P., Scanlon, D. O., Parker, S. C. and Watson, G. W., 2011. Tin monoxide: Structural prediction from first principles calculations with van der Waals corrections. Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 115 (40), pp. 19916-19924.

Zhu, R., Chen, W., Shapley, T. V., Molinari, M., Ge, F. and Parker, S. C., 2011. Sorptive characteristics of organomontmorillonite toward organic compounds: a combined LFERs and molecular dynamics simulation study. Environmental Science & Technology, 45 (15), pp. 6504-6510.

Cummings, C. Y., Wadhawan, J. D., Nakabayashi, T., Haga, M.-a., Rassaei, L., Dale, S. E. C., Bending, S., Pumera, M., Parker, S. C. and Marken, F., 2011. Electron hopping rate measurements in ITO junctions: Charge diffusion in a layer-by-layer deposited ruthenium(II)-bis(benzimidazolyl)pyridine-phosphonate-TiO2 film. Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, 657 (1-2), pp. 196-201.

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Aschauer, U., Spagnoli, D., Bowen, P. and Parker, S., 2010. Growth modification of seeded calcite using carboxylic acids: atomistic simulations. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 346 (1), pp. 226-231.

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Salje, E. K. H., Artacho, E., Austen, K. F., Bruin, R. P., Calleja, M., Chappell, H. F., Chiang, G. T., Dove, M. T., Frame, I., Goodwin, A. L., Kleese Van Dam, K., Marmier, A., Parker, S. C., Pruneda, J. M., Todorov, I. T., Trachenko, K., Tyer, R. P., Walker, A. M. and White, T. O. H., 2009. eScience for molecular-scale simulations and the eMinerals project. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences, 367 (1890), pp. 967-985.

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Dove, M.T., Calleja, M., Bruin, R., Wakelin, J., Tucker, M.G., Lewis, G.J., Hasan, S.M., Alexandrov, V.N., Keegan, M., Ballard, S., Tyer, R.P., Todorov, I., Wilson, P.B., Alfredsson, M., Price, G.D., Chapman, C., Emmerich, W., Wells, S.A., Marmier, A., Parker, S.C. and Du, Z., 2005. The eMinerals collaboratory : Tools and experience. Molecular Simulation, 31 (5), pp. 329-337.

Conference or Workshop Items

Rowlandson, J., Edler, K., Parker, S. and Ting, V., 2015. Characterisation of Nanoporous Carbons for Hydrogen Storage Materials. In: H2FC: Hydrogen & Fuel Cell SUPERGEN Researcher Conference, 2014-12-15 - 2014-12-17, Birmingham.

Rowlandson, J., Parker, S. C., Edler, K. J. and Ting, V., 2014. Analysis of porosity in activated carbons : Reconciling gas sorption with scattering data. In: 10th International Symposium on the Characterization of Porous Solids (COPS-X), 2014-05-11 - 2014-05-14, Granada.

Rowlandson, J., Ting, V. and Parker, S. C., 2014. Structural characterisation and molecular modelling of porous carbons for hydrogen storage. In: DTC symposium series - Hydrogen storage, 2014-01-30 - 2014-01-30, Bath.

Yeandel, S., Molinari, M., Parker, S., Sayle, D. C., Freer, R. and Azough, F., 2012. Atomistic simulations for nanostructured oxide thermoelectric materials. In: Material Research Society Fall Meeting 2012, 2012-11-01, Boston.

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