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Viba, J., Beresnevich, V., Tsyfansky, S., Kruusmaa, M., Fontaine, J.-G. and Megill, W., 2011. New designs of fin type propulsive devices of robotic fish. In: IEEE 15th International Conference on Advanced Robotics: New Boundaries for Robotics, ICAR 2011. Piscataway, NJ: IEEE Computer Society, pp. 625-630. (IEEE 15th International Conference on Advanced Robotics: New Boundaries for Robotics, ICAR 2011)

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Senko, J., Carthy, R., Megill, W., Templeton, R. P. and Nichols, W. J., 2009. Fine scale diel movement and activity ranges of east Pacific green turtles at a coastal foraging area in Baja California Sur, Mexico. In: 2009 International Sea Turtle Symposium, Australia, 2009-02-17 - 2009-02-19, Brisbane.

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Paskins, K. E., Bowyer, A., Megill, W. M. and Scheibe, J. S., 2007. Take-off and landing forces and the evolution of controlled gliding in northern flying squirrels Glaucomys sabrinus. The Journal of Experimental Biology, 210 (8), pp. 1413-1423.


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