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Ud-Din, I., Nawaz, M., Price, G., Baloch, M. K., Bangesh, M. A., Rehman, W., Ullah, H. and Ahmad, S., 2017. Preparation, morphology and sonication time dependence of silver nanoparticles in amphiphilic block copolymers of PEO with polystyrene or PMMA. Journal of Polymer Research, 24 (9), 137. Item availability may be restricted.

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Bibi, S., Price, G. J., Yasin, T. and Nawaz, M., 2016. Eco-friendly synthesis and catalytic application of chitosan/gold/carbon nanotube nanocomposite films. RSC Advances, 6 (65), pp. 60180-60186.

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Chiu, W. S., Belsey, N. A., Garrett, N. L., Moger, J., Price, G. J., Delgado-Charro, M. B. and Guy, R. H., 2015. Drug delivery into microneedle-porated nails from nanoparticle reservoirs. Journal of Controlled Release, 220 (A), pp. 98-106.

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