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Gardini, G. L., 2014. Book review of '1913: The World Before the Great War' by Charles Emmerson. Cambridge Review of International Affairs, 27 (1), pp. 202-203.

Gardini, G. L., 2013. Book review of ' The Politics of Modern Central America' by Fabrice Lehoucq. International Development Planning Review, 35 (4), pp. 512-513.

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Gardini, G. L., 2000. Towards a new cold war? Affari Internazionali, 4 September 2008.


Gardini, G. L., 2012. La Cumbre CELAC-UE:su contexto y organización. Other. Chilean Foreign Ministry.

Gardini, G. L., 2006. Mercosur: Problems and Prospects. Working Paper. University of Trieste: Centre of Latin American Studies.

Conference or Workshop Items

Gardini, G.-L., 2011. The international insertion of two newly-unified states: Italy and Argentina. In: Italy and Argentina: 150 years of unity and 200 years of independence, 2011-11-14, Viterbo.

Gardini, G.-L., 2011. The foreign policies of Latin America. In: Colombian Embassy Round Table, 2011-10-13, London.

Gardini, G.-L., 2011. South America's regional options: too many and too diverse? In: Institute for the Studies of the Americas seminar series, 2011-10-05, London.

Gardini, G.-L., 2011. Integration without Unity? Towards a theory of regional convergence. In: 3rd Annual Conference of Asobolsa-Bolsa Valores de Colombia, 2011-08-01, Cartagena.

Gardini, G.-L., 2011. Latin American Readings of Global Power Shifts. In: ABRI - Associação Brasileira de Relações Internacionais, 2011-07-01, University of São Paulo.

Gardini, G.-L., 2011. The EU:a reference not a model for Latin American integration. In: Arenas Valverde, G. and Casaneuva, H., eds. De Madrid 2010 a Santiago 2012: Evaluación y perspectivas para la agenda estratégica Unión Europea, América Latina/Caribe, 2011-06-01, Santiago de Chile. Santiago de Chile, Chile: CELARE-UPV, pp. 36-43.

Gardini, G.-L., 2011. Mercosur and the Shadow of the EU. In: Going Beyond Borders: The EU between Integration and External Relations, 2011-05-01, Forli.

Gardini, G.-L., 2011. Trade and Political Blocs in South America. In: Latin American Trading Blocs Workshop, 2011-05-01, London.

Gardini, G.-L., 2011. Many Americas: Too Many Solutions? In: Regional Readings of Global Order/Disorder, 2011-03-01, Bath, England.

Gardini, G.-L., 2011. Mercosur at 20: What You See is not (always) What You Get? In: Symposium: Mercosur at 20: Politics and Economics in the Southern Cone, 2011-03-01, Latin American Centre, University of Oxford.

Gardini, G.-L., 2011. Mercosur: Three pathways towards institutional deepening. In: Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law Workshop, 2011-03-01, University of Heidelberg.

Gardini, G. L. and Lambert, P. W., 2011. Conclusion. New York, U. S. A.: Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 255-263.

Gardini, G. L. and Lambert, P. W., 2011. Introduction. New York, U. S. A.: Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 1-11.

Gardini, G.-L., 2011. ¿"Sur-realismo" o "surrealismo"? 20 Años del Mercosur. Buenos Aires: Editorial Teseo, pp. 63-104.

Gardini, G.-L., 2010. Regional integration in Latin America: the state of the art. In: Policy briefing for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), 2010-11-01, London.

Gardini, G.-L., 2010. The Three Tensions of Latin America in the 21st Century. In: Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Society (BRLSI) Public Lecture, 2010-09-01, Bath, England.

Gardini, G.-L., 2010. Between Brussels and Quito: EU, Mercosur, Alba and Unasur. In: Argentine-British Chamber of Commerce (CCAB) Workshop for CEOs, 2010-08-01, Buenos Aires.

Gardini, G.-L., 2010. The theoretical and empirical conundrum of integration in South America. In: International Insertion Strategies in the 21st Century: South-South Cooperation, triangular cooperation and regional integration, 2010-08-01, National University of Rosario.

Gardini, G.-L., 2010. Between Brussels and Quito: Dilemmas of Latin American regionalism. In: International Agenda lecture series, 2010-07-01, University of Belgrano, Buenos Aires.

Gardini, G.-L., 2010. Unity and Diversity in Latin American Visions of Regional Integration. In: VI Latin American Congress of Political Science (ALACIP), 2010-07-01, Buenos Aires.

Gardini, G.-L., 2009. Reality and Utopia: A comparative study of Mercosur, Alba and Unasur. In: Annual Conference of the Italian Political Science Association (SISP), 2009-09-01, Rome.

Gardini, G.-L., 2009. Argentine and Brazilian Foreign Policy between Change and Continuity: A Framework for Analysis. In: International Studies Association (ISA)/ABRI, 2009-07-01, Rio de Janeiro.

Gardini, G.-L., 2009. Unity and Diversity in Latin American Visions of Regional Integration. In: Canning House Public Lecture, 2009-06-01, London.

Gardini, G.-L., 2008. The Obsolescence of the New Regionalism: Were Realists Right? In: II Global Conference of the World International Studies Committee (WISC), 2008-07-01, Ljubljana.

Gardini, G.-L., 2008. In defence of Oral History in the study of High Politics. In: Symposium: The Politics of History and Memory in Contemporary Europe and beyond, 2008-03-01, University of Bath.

Non-academic press


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