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Osorio, B. M., McCullen, N., Walker, I. and Coley, D., 2016. Energy use of urban transport and buildings: A new combined metric. In: wholeSEM 3rd Annual Conference, 2016-07-04 - 2016-07-05, The Møller Centre, Churchill College.

McCullen, N. and Wagenknecht, T., 2016. Pattern Formation on Networks:from Localised Activity to Turing Patterns. Scientific Reports, 6, 27397.

McCullen, N., Wolfrum, M. and Wagenknecht, T., 2015. Snaking on Networks: From Local Solutions to Turing Patterns. In: SIAM Conference on Applications of Dynamical Systems, 2005-05-17 - 2015-08-21, Utah.

Osorio, B. M., McCullen, N. and Walker, I., 2015. Urban transport: analysis of commute energy use. In: 21st International Conference on Urban Transport and the Environment, 2015-06-02 - 2015-06-04.

McCullen, N., Walker, I., Natarajan, S. and Padget, J., 2014. Smart meter roll-out strategy and its effect on energy savings at community level. In: Behave Energy Conference, 2014-09-03 - 2014-09-04, Said Business School, University of Oxford.

Bale, C. S. E., McCullen, N. J., Foxon, T. J., Rucklidge, A. M. and Gale, W. F., 2013. Harnessing social networks for promoting adoption of energy technologies in the domestic sector. Energy Policy, 63, pp. 833-844.

McCullen, N. J., Rucklidge, A. M., Bale, C. S. E., Foxon, T. J. and Gale, W. F., 2013. Multiparameter models of innovation diffusion on complex networks. SIAM Journal on Applied Dynamical Systems, 12 (1), pp. 515-532.

Almond, D. P., Budd, C. J., Freitag, M. A., Hunt, G. W., McCullen, N. J. and Smith, N. D., 2013. The origin of power-law emergent scaling in large binary networks. Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, 392 (4), pp. 1004-1027.

McCullen, N. J., Rucklidge, A., Bale, C., Foxon, T. and Gale, W., 2013. Dynamics, Networks and Energy Efficiency. In: SIAM Conference on Applications of Dynamical Systems, 2013-05-19 - 2013-12-23, Snowbird, Utah, USA.

McCullen, N. J., Bale, C., Foxon, T., Rucklidge, A. and Gale, W., 2013. Modelling the uptake of domestic energy technologies via local networks and integrating real-world data. In: FutureBuild 2013, 2013-09-04 - 2013-12-06, University of Bath.

McCullen, N., Zhang, T., Bale, C., Foxon, T., Gale, W., Rucklidge, A., Aickelin, U. and Siebers, P.-O., 2012. Energy Decision-Making for Cities. In: UKERC Meeting on Energy and Complexity, 2012-07-05, The Meeting Place.

Bale, C., McCullen, N., Foxon, T., Rucklidge, A. and Gale, W., 2011. Local authority interventions in the domestic sector and the role of social networks:a case study from the city of Leeds. In: Energy and People: Futures, complexity and challenges, 2012-09-20 - 2012-09-21.

McCullen, N. J., Ivanchenko, M. V., Shalfeev, V. D. and Gale, W. F., 2011. A dynamical model of decision-making behavior in a network of consumers with applications to energy choices. International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos in Applied Sciences and Engineering, 21 (09), pp. 2467-2480.

Almond, D., Budd, C. J. and McCullen, N. J., 2011. Emergent behaviour in large electrical networks. In: Georgoulis, E. H., Iske, A. and Levesley, J., eds. Approximation Algorithms for Complex Systems. Springer, pp. 3-26. (Springer Proceedings in Mathematics; 3)

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McCullen, N., 2007. Transition to High Dimensional Dynamics in Systems of Coupled Oscillators. Thesis (Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)). University of Manchester.

McCullen, N. and Moresco, P., 2006. Method for measuring unstable dimension variability from time series. Physical Review E (PRE), 73 (4), 046203.

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