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Book Sections

Harkness, S., 2015. Second earner to primary breadwinner? Women’s wages and employment. In: Gavin, K. and D'arcy, C., eds. Securing a Pay Rise. London, U. K.: Resolution Foundation, pp. 79-84.

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Harkness, S., 2006. Lone parents cycling in and out of work and benefits. In: Staying on, stepping up. One Parent Families, pp. 8-10.

Harkness, S., 2003. The Household Division of Labour: Changes in Families' Allocation of Paid and Unpaid Work 1992-2002. In: Dickens, R., Gregg, P. and Wadsworth, J., eds. The Labour Market under Labour: State of Working Britain II. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, p. 20.

Harkness, S. and Gregg, P., 2003. Welfare Reform and the Employment of Lone Parents. In: Dickens, R., Gregg, P. and Wadsworth, J., eds. The Labour Market Under New Labour: The State of Working Britain. Palgrave Macmillan, p. 18.


Harkness, S. E., 2016. The effect of motherhood and lone motherhood on the employment and earnings of british women:a lifecycle approach. European Sociological Review, 32 (6), pp. 850-863. Item availability may be restricted.

Evans, M. and Harkness, S., 2010. The impact of the tax and benefit system on second earners. Journal of Poverty and Social Justice, 18 (1), pp. 35-51.

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Harkness, S. and Waldfogel, J., 2003. The family gap in pay:evidence from seven industrialized countries. Research in Labor Economics, 22, pp. 369-414.


Harkness, S., Gregg, P. and MacMillan, L., 2012. Poverty:The Role of Institutions, Behaviours and Culture. Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

Harkness, S., 2010. The contribution of Women's Employment and Earnings to Household Income Inequality: A Cross-Country Analysis. Working Paper. Luxembourg: Luxembourg Income Survey Working Paper Series.

Evans, M. and Harkness, S., 2009. A review of the impact of the current UK tax and benefit system upon secondary household earners. Working Paper. Manchester: Equalities and Human Rights Commission, UK.

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Gregg, P., Harkness, S. and Smith, S., 2007. Welfare Reform and Lone Parents in the UK. Working Paper. Bristol, U. K.: Research in Public Policy, CMPO.

Conference or Workshop Items

Harkness, S. E., 2012. Employment and depression: a study of single and partnered mothers in the UK. In: Population Association of America Annual Meeting 2012, 2012-05-03 - 2012-05-05.

Harkness, S. E., 2010. The contribution of women's employment and earnings to household income inequality: a cross-country analysis. In: Inequality and the Status of the Middle Classes: Lessons from the Luxembourg Income Study, 2010-06-28 - 2010-06-30.

Evans, M. and Harkness, S., 2009. The Effect of Recession in the UK on Family Employment. In: Association for Public Policy and Administration, 2009-11-05 - 2009-11-07.

Evans, M. and Harkness, S., 2008. The risk of ill-health and disability in Vietnam: how households and social protection programmes respond. In: Fifth International Social Security conference, 2008-06-13 - 2008-06-14.

Non-academic press

McCall, V., Shipman, A., Vignoles, A., Bell, D., Downing, G., Lowe, J., Bloor, K., Kitson, M., Driffield, N., King, R., Gander, S., Bohm, S. and Harkness, S., 2015. Spending Review 2015: the experts respond. The Conversation

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