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Chaiklin, S., 2012. A conceptual perspective for investigating motive in cultural-historical theory. In: Hedegaard, M., Edwards, A. and Fleer, M., eds. Motives in Children's Development: Cultural-Historical Approaches. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp. 209-224.

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Chaiklin, S., 2011. Review of 'Paul Paolucci, Marx’s Scientific Dialectics: A Methodological Treatise for a New Century, Haymarket Books, Chicago, 2009'. Marx & Philosophy: Review of Books, 2011.


Sievert, A. and Chaiklin, S., 2010. Betydning af sygeplejeteori i faglige undersøgelser: belyst i et spørgsmål – metode – konklusion perspektiv. In: Med sygeplejeteori som referenceramme – i forskning og udvikling. København: Gads Forlag, pp. 39-60.

Chaiklin, S., 2010. Die Zone der nächsten Entwicklung. In: Kaiser, A., Schmetz, D., Wachtel, P. and Werner, B., eds. Enzyklopädisches Handbuch der Behindertenpädagogik: Band 3: Bildung und Erziehung. Stuttgart: Kohlhammer, pp. 78-87.

Chaiklin, S., 2010. Educational research and practice: Why can’t we be friends? In: Eriksson, I., Lindberg, V. and Österlind, E., eds. Uppdrag undervisning — kunskap och lärande! Lund: Studentlitteratur, pp. 33-42.

Chaiklin, S., 2010. The dialectical development of cultural-historical research, with implications for research in special and inclusive education. In: Siebert, B., ed. Integrative Pädagogik und die Kulturhistorische Theorie (Band 5. Schriftenreihe Behindertenpädagogik und Integration). Frankfurt: Peter Lang, pp. 21-26.


Chaiklin, S. and Hedegaard, M., 2009. Het leren van vakinhouden en identiteitsontwikkeling: een 'radicaal-lokaal' perspectief. In: van Oers, B., Leeman, Y. and Volman, M., eds. Burgerschapsvorming en identiteitsontwikkeling [Civic Education and Identity formation]. Van Gorcum, pp. 161-170.


Chaiklin, S., 2007. Forholdet mellem viden og praksis: En vejviser for de desorienteret. In: Tangaard, L. and Brinkmann, S., eds. Psykologi: Forskning og profession. Kobenhavn: Hans Reitzels.

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Chaiklin, S., 2007. Modular or integrated? An activity perspective for designing and evaluating computer-based systems. International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction, 22, pp. 179-197.

Chaiklin, S., 2007. Relationer mellem forskningsviden og og praksis: En guide for den desorienterede. In: Brinkmann, S. and Tangaard, L., eds. Psykologi: Forskning & profession. Copenhagen: Hans Reitzels.


Chaiklin, S., 2006. Reflections on the future development of developmental teaching research. In: Giest, H., ed. Erinnerung für die Zukunft - Pädagogische Psychologie in der DDR. Berlin: Lehmanns Media.


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Chaiklin, S., 2001. The institutionalisation of cultural-historical psychology as a multinational practice. In: Chaiklin, S., ed. The theory and practice of cultural-historical psychology. Aarhus, Denmark: Aarhus University Press.

Chaiklin, S., 2001. The theory and practice of cultural-historical psychology. Aarhus, Denmark: Aarhus University Press.


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Chaiklin, S. and Lave, J., eds., 1993. Understanding practice: Perspectives on activity and context. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

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