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Conference or Workshop Items

Juszczyk, D., Gillison, F. and Dean, S., 2013. The effect of ‘supersize’ images on the receipt of health messages about being overweight. In: European Health Psychology Conference 2013, 2013-07-16 - 2013-07-20.

Emm, L., Standage, M. and Gillison, F., 2013. An opportunity for change? Motivational predictors of exercise and health-related well-being in adolescent school leavers. In: 5th International Conference on Self-Determination Theory, 2013-06-27 - 2013-06-30.

Juszczyk, D. and Gillison, F., 2013. How are obesity policies received by individuals who find it difficult to control their weight? In: European Health Psychology Conference 2013, 2013-07-16 - 2013-07-20.

Standage, M. and Gillison, F., 2013. The use of incentives in the formation of healthy lifestyle habits following the school to work transition. In: 5th International Conference on Self-Determination Theory, 2013-06-27 - 2013-06-30.

Gillison, F., Lewitt, J. and Beck, F., 2013. Why do parents object to feedback on their child's weight? In: South West Public Health Conference, 2013, 2013-02-07.

Gillison, F., Juszczyk, D. and Emm, L., 2012. Support for obesity-related policy and its association with motivation for weight control. In: 8th Annual Scientific Meeting of the UK Society for Behavioural Medicine, 2012-12-10 - 2012-12-11.


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