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Ge, H., Riss, P. J., Mirabello, V., Calatayud, D. G., Flower, S. E., Arrowsmith, R. L., Fryer, T. D., Hong, Y., Sawiak, S., Jacobs, R. M. J., Botchway, S. W., Tyrrell, R. M., James, T. D., Fossey, J. S., Dilworth, J. R., Aigbirhio, F. I. and Pascu, S. I., 2017. Behavior of Supramolecular Assemblies of Radiometal-Filled and Fluorescent Carbon Nanocapsules In Vitro and In Vivo. Chem, 3 (3), pp. 437-460.


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Lawrence, K., Xia, F., Arrowsmith, R. L., Ge, H., Nelson, G. W., Foord, J. S., Felipe-Sotelo, M., Evans, N. D. M., Mitchels, J. M., Flower, S. E., Botchway, S. W., Wolverson, D., Aliev, G., James, T. D., Pascu, S. I. and Marken, F., 2014. Hydrothermal conversion of one-photon-fluorescent poly-(4-vinylpyridine) into two-photon-fluorescent carbon nanodots. Langmuir, 30 (39), 11746–11752.

Regan, E. M., Flower, S. E., Wang, H.-C., Fossey, J. S., James, T. D. and Estrela, P., 2014. An enzyme-less bis-boronic acid modified electrode for glucose sensing in human blood serum. In: 24th Anniversary World Congress on Biosensors, 2014-05-27 - 2014-05-30.

Xu, S.-Y., Wang, H.-C., Flower, S. E., Fossey, J. S., Jiang, Y.-B. and James, T. D., 2014. Suzuki homo-coupling reaction based fluorescent sensors for monosaccharides. RSC Advances, 4 (66), pp. 35238-35241.


Xu, S., Hu, B., Flower, S. E., Jiang, Y.-B., Fossey, J. S., Deng, W.-P. and James, T. D., 2013. Colorimetric enantioselective recognition of chiral secondary alcohols via hydrogen bonding to a chiral metallocene containing chemosensor. Chemical Communications, 49 (75), pp. 8314-8316.



Schuller, T. A., Kuball, M., Flower, S. E., James, T. D., Fossey, J. S., Marcon, D., Das, J., Degroot, S., Germain, M. and Sarua, A., 2011. Field-effect saccharide sensing using AlGaN/GaN heterostructures and boronic acid based chemical receptors. Sensors and Actuators B-Chemical, 160 (1), pp. 1078-1081.


Flower, S., Braven, H. and Keay, R., 2010. Protease detection assay. C07F15/00- 20100320093, 23 December 2010.

Elfeky, S. A., Flower, S. E., Masumoto, N., D'Hooge, F., Labarthe, L., Chen, W. B., Len, C., James, T. D. and Fossey, J. S., 2010. Diol appended quenchers for fluorescein boronic acid. Chemistry - An Asian Journal, 5 (3), pp. 581-588.

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Elejalde, N., Keay, R. W., Flower, S. E., Jenkins, A. T. A., Edwards, G., Peter, L. M., Clarkson, J. M. and Cooper, J. M., 2005. On chip PCR with electrochemical detection for clinical diagnosis. In: 9th International Conference on miniaturized system for Chemistry and Life Sciences (mTAS), 2005-01-01.


Hillier, S. C., Flower, S. E., Frost, C. G., Jenkins, A. T. A., Keay, R., Braven, H. and Clarkson, J., 2004. An electrochemical gene detection assay utilising T7 exonuclease activity on complementary probe-target oligonucleotide sequences. Electrochemistry Communications, 6 (12), pp. 1227-1232.

Hillier, S. C., Frost, C. G., Jenkins, A. T. A., Braven, H. T., Keay, R. W., Flower, S. E. and Clarkson, J. M., 2004. An electrochemical study of enzymatic oligonucleotide digestion. Bioelectrochemistry, 63 (1-2), pp. 307-310.



Flower, S., 2002. Lewis Acid Mediated Reactions of Olefins with Carbonyls. Thesis (Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)). University of Bath.

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