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Sun, X., Lacina, K., Ramsamy, E. C., Flower, S. E., Fossey, J. S., Qian, X., Anslyn, E. V., Bull, S. D. and James, T. D., 2015. Reaction-based Indicator displacement Assay (RIA) for the selective colorimetric and fluorometric detection of peroxynitrite. Chemical Science, 6 (5), pp. 2963-2967.

Lawrence, K., Xia, F., Arrowsmith, R. L., Ge, H., Nelson, G. W., Foord, J. S., Felipe-Sotelo, M., Evans, N. D. M., Mitchels, J. M., Flower, S. E., Botchway, S. W., Wolverson, D., Aliev, G. N., James, T. D., Pascu, S. and Marken, F., 2014. Hydrothermal conversion of one-photon-fluorescent poly-(4-vinylpyridine) into two-photon-fluorescent carbon nanodots. Langmuir, 30 (39), 11746–11752.

Xu, S.-Y., Wang, H.-C., Flower, S. E., Fossey, J. S., Jiang, Y.-B. and James, T. D., 2014. Suzuki homo-coupling reaction based fluorescent sensors for monosaccharides. RSC Advances, 4 (66), pp. 35238-35241.

Xu, S., Hu, B., Flower, S. E., Jiang, Y.-B., Fossey, J. S., Deng, W.-P. and James, T. D., 2013. Colorimetric enantioselective recognition of chiral secondary alcohols via hydrogen bonding to a chiral metallocene containing chemosensor. Chemical Communications, 49 (75), pp. 8314-8316.

Schuller, T. A., Kuball, M., Flower, S. E., James, T. D., Fossey, J. S., Marcon, D., Das, J., Degroot, S., Germain, M. and Sarua, A., 2011. Field-effect saccharide sensing using AlGaN/GaN heterostructures and boronic acid based chemical receptors. Sensors and Actuators B-Chemical, 160 (1), pp. 1078-1081.

Elfeky, S. A., Flower, S. E., Masumoto, N., D'Hooge, F., Labarthe, L., Chen, W. B., Len, C., James, T. D. and Fossey, J. S., 2010. Diol appended quenchers for fluorescein boronic acid. Chemistry - An Asian Journal, 5 (3), pp. 581-588.

Larkin, J. D., Frimat, K. A., Fyles, T. M., Flower, S. E. and James, T. D., 2010. Boronic acid based photoinduced electron transfer (PET) fluorescence sensors for saccharides. New Journal of Chemistry, 34 (12), pp. 2922-2931.

Hillier, S. C., Flower, S. E., Frost, C. G., Jenkins, A. T. A., Keay, R., Braven, H. and Clarkson, J., 2004. An electrochemical gene detection assay utilising T7 exonuclease activity on complementary probe-target oligonucleotide sequences. Electrochemistry Communications, 6 (12), pp. 1227-1232.

Hillier, S. C., Frost, C. G., Jenkins, A. T. A., Braven, H. T., Keay, R. W., Flower, S. E. and Clarkson, J. M., 2004. An electrochemical study of enzymatic oligonucleotide digestion. Bioelectrochemistry, 63 (1-2), pp. 307-310.

Conference or Workshop Items

Regan, E. M., Flower, S. E., Wang, H.-C., Fossey, J. S., James, T. D. and Estrela, P., 2014. An enzyme-less bis-boronic acid modified electrode for glucose sensing in human blood serum. In: 24th Anniversary World Congress on Biosensors, 2014-05-27 - 2014-05-30.

Elejalde, N., Keay, R. W., Flower, S. E., Jenkins, A. T. A., Edwards, G., Peter, L. M., Clarkson, J. M. and Cooper, J. M., 2005. On chip PCR with electrochemical detection for clinical diagnosis. In: 9th International Conference on miniaturized system for Chemistry and Life Sciences (mTAS), 2005-01-01.


Flower, S., 2002. Lewis Acid Mediated Reactions of Olefins with Carbonyls. Thesis (Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)). University of Bath.


Flower, S., Braven, H. and Keay, R., 2010. Protease detection assay. C07F15/00- 20100320093, 23 December 2010.

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