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Kurtenbacj, K., Gatewood, A. G., Bent, S. J., Vollmer, S. A., Ogden, N. H. and Margos, G., 2010. Population Biology of Lyme Borreliosis Spirochetes. In: Robinson, D. A., Falush, D. and Feil, E. J., eds. Bacterial Population Genetics in Infectious Disease. Chichester: Wiley.

Bannister, L. H., Margos, G. and Hopkins, J. M., 2005. Making a home for Plasmodium post-genomics: ultrastructural organization of the blood stages. In: Sherman, I. W., ed. Molecular Approaches to Malaria. Washington, D.C.: ASM Press.


Rodríguez, M. d. C., Martínez-Barnetche, J., Alvarado-Delgado, A., Batista, C., Argotte-Ramos, R. S., Hernández-Martínez, S., González Cerón, L., Torres, J. A., Margos, G. and Rodríguez, M. H., 2007. The surface protein Pvs25 of Plasmodium vivax ookinetes interacts with calreticulin on the midgut apical surface of the malaria vector Anopheles albimanus. Molecular and Biochemical Parasitology, 153 (2), pp. 167-177.

Kurtenbach, K., Hanincová, K., Tsao, J. I., Margos, G., Fish, D. and Ogden, N. H., 2006. Fundamental processes in the evolutionary ecology of Lyme borreliosis. Nature Reviews Microbiology, 4 (9), pp. 660-669.

Chaparro-Olaya, J., Margos, G., Coles, D. J., Dluzewski, A. R., Mitchell, G. H., Wasserman, M. M. and Pinder, J. C., 2005. Plasmodium falciparummyosins: Transcription and translation during asexual parasite development. Cell Motility and the Cytoskeleton, 60 (4), pp. 200-213.

Mitchell, G. H., Thomas, A. W., Margos, G., Dluzewski, A. R. and Bannister, L. H., 2004. Apical membrane antigen 1, a major malaria vaccine candidate, mediates the close attachment of invasive merozoites to host red blood cells. Infection and Immunity, 72 (1), pp. 154-158.

Margos, G., Bannister, L. H., Dluzewski, A. R., Hopkins, J., Williams, I. T. and Mitchell, G. H., 2004. Correlation of structural development and differential expression of invasion-related molecules in schizonts of Plasmodium falciparum. Parasitology, 129 (3), pp. 273-287.

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Bannister, L. H., Hopkins, J. M., Dluzewski, A. R., Margos, G., Williams, I. T., Blackman, M. J., Kocken, C. H., Thomas, A. W. and Mitchell, G. H., 2003. Plasmodium falciparum apical membrane antigen 1 (PfAMA-1) is translocated within micronemes along subpellicular microtubules during merozoite development. Journal of Cell Science, 116 (18), pp. 3825-3834.

Fowler, R., Margos, G. and Mitchell, G., 2003. The Cytoskeleton and Motility in Apicomplexan Invasion. Advances in Parasitology, 56, pp. 213-263.

Chaparro-Olaya, J., Dluzewski, A. R., Margos, G., Wasserman, M. M., Mitchell, G. H., Bannister, L. H. and Pinder, J. C., 2003. The multiple myosins of malaria: The smallest malaria myosin, Plasmodium falciparum myosin-B (Pfmyo-B) is expressed in mature schizonts and merozoites. European Journal of Protistology, 39 (4), pp. 423-427.

Rodríguez, M. C., Margos, G., Compton, H., Ku, M., Lanz, H., Rodríguez, M. H. and Sinden, R. E., 2002. Plasmodium berghei: routine production of pure gametocytes, extracellular gametes, zygotes, and ookinetes. Experimental Parasitology, 101 (1), pp. 73-76.

Margos, G., Navarette, S., Butcher, G., Davies, A., Willers, C., Sinden, R. E. and Lachmann, P. J., 2001. Interaction between host complement and mosquito-midgut-stage Plasmodium berghei. Infection and Immunity, 69 (8), pp. 5064-5071.

Tomas, A. M., Margos, G., Dimopoulos, G., van Lin, L. H. M., de Koning-Ward, T. F., Sinha, R., Lupetti, P., Beetsman, A. L., Rodriguez, M. C., Karras, M., Hager, A., Mendoza, J., Butcher, G. A., Kafatos, F., Janse, C. J., Waters, A. P. and Sinden, R. E., 2001. P25 and P28 proteins of the malaria ookinete surface have multiple and partially redundant functions. The EMBO Journal, 20 (15), pp. 3975-3983.

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