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Bangs, F., Antonio, N., Thongnuek, P., Welten, M., Davey, M. G., Briscoe, J. and Tickle, C., 2011. Generation of mice with functional inactivation of talpid3, a gene first identified in chicken. Development, 138 (15), pp. 3261-3272.

Welten, M., Pavlovska, G., Chen, Y., Teruoka, Y., Fisher, M., Bangs, F., Towers, M. and Tickle, C., 2011. 3D expression patterns of cell cycle genes in the developing chick wing and comparison with expression patterns of genes implicated in digit specification. Developmental Dynamics, 240 (5), pp. 1278-1288.


Bangs, F., Welten, M., Davey, M. G., Fisher, M., Yin, Y. L., Downie, H., Paton, B., Baldock, R., Burt, D. W. and Tickle, C., 2010. Identification of genes downstream of the Shh signalling in the developing chick wing and syn-expressed with Hoxd13 using microarray and 3D computational analysis. Mechanisms of Development, 127 (9-12), pp. 428-441.

Durand, C., Bangs, F., Signolet, J., Decker, E., Tickle, C. and Rappold, G., 2010. Enhancer elements upstream of the SHOX gene are active in the developing limb. European Journal of Human Genetics, 18 (5), pp. 527-532.

Abbasi, A. A., Paparidis, Z., Malik, S., Bangs, F., Schmidt, A., Koch, S., Lopez-Rios, J. and Grzeschik, K. H., 2010. Human intronic enhancers control distinct sub-domains of Gli3 expression during mouse CNS and limb development. BMC Developmental Biology, 10, 44.

Cruz, C., Ribes, V., Kutejova, E., Cayuso, J., Lawson, V., Norris, D., Stevens, J., Davey, M., Blight, K., Bangs, F., Mynett, A., Hirst, E., Chung, R., Balaskas, N., Brody, S. L., Marti, E. and Briscoe, J., 2010. Foxj1 regulates floor plate cilia architecture and modifies the response of cells to sonic hedgehog signalling. Development, 137 (24), pp. 4271-4282.


Bangs, F., Yin, Y., Paton, R., Prescott, A., James, J., Davey, M., Whitley, P., Genikhovich, G., Technau, U. and Briscoe, J., 2009. The developmental mutant talpid3 lacks primary cilia. Mechanisms of Development, 126, S262.

Yin, Y., Bangs, F., Paton, I. R., Prescott, A., James, J., Davey, M. G., Whitley, P., Genikhovich, G., Technau, U., Burt, D. W. and Tickle, C., 2009. The Talpid3 gene (KIAA0586) encodes a centrosomal protein that is essential for primary cilia formation. Development, 136 (4), pp. 655-664.


Sabherwal, N., Bangs, F., Ralph, R., Birgit, W., Karin, J., Eva, T., Georg, H., Christiane, S., Berthold, H., Hetty, K., Johannes, K., Tickle, C. and Gudrun, R., 2007. Long-range conserved non-coding SHOX sequences regulate expression in developing chicken limb and are associated with short stature phenotypes in human patient. Human Molecular Genetics, 16 (2), pp. 210-222.


Davey, M., Paton, R., Yin, Y., Schmidt, M., Bangs, F., Morrice, D., Terence, S., Buxton, P., Stamataki, D., Tanaka, M., Münsterberg, A., Briscoe, J., Tickle, C. and Burt, D., 2006. The chicken talpid3 gene encodes a novel protein essential for Hedgehog signaling. Genes & Development, 20, pp. 1365-1377.

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