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Book Sections

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Room, G., 2004. Final report on conceptualism and analysis of the new information economy. Other. New Economy Statistical Information System [NESIS].

Conference or Workshop Items

Room, G., 2010. Complexity Theory and Social Analysis. In: Paper presented to Faculty of Social Sciences, Oslo University College, 2010-05-10.

Room, G., 2009. European poverty and policy: from the Paris summit to the crisis of the present. In: Colloquium 'Policy and Action on Poverty: Lessons from the Past. Challenges for the Future', 2009-09-15, National University of Ireland, Maynooth.

Room, G., 2009. Social mobility as a process of self-organised criticality. In: UK Social Policy Association Conference, 2009-06-30, University of Edinburgh.

Room, G., 2008. Dynamic analysis in social policy. In: UK Social Policy Association Conference, 2009-06-30, University of Edinburgh.

Room, G., 2007. Social policy and the knowledge economy. In: East Asia Social Policy research network (EASP), 2007-10-20, University of Tokyo.

Room, G., 2007. Social policy in Europe: paradigms of change. In: ESPAnet Annual Conference, Institute for Social Policy, 2007-09-20, Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration.

Room, G., 2006. Challenges facing the EU: scope for a coherent response. In: American Political Sciences Association Conference, 2006-08-31, Philadelphia.

Room, G., 2005. Mobilising researchers: their role in relation to Lisbon. In: ESRC seminar,"Implementing the Lisbon Strategy: Policy Coordination through 'Open' Methods", 2005-11-10, Queen Mary College, London.

Room, G., 2004. Applying a life-course lens to exclusion. In: Policy Research Initiative Conference, Exploring New Approaches to Social Policy, 2004-12-01, Ottawa.

Room, G., 2000. Tackling poverty: opportunities for all. In: European Employment: Social and Economic Reform, 2000-01-31 - 2000-02-02, Wilton Park, Sussex.

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