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Wilding, N. and Jack, R., 2016. Coarse-grained depletion potentials for anisotropic colloids: application to lock-and-key systems. Journal of Chemical Physics, 145 (8), 084907. Item availability may be restricted.

Nemoto, T., Bouchet, F., Jack, R. L. and Lecomte, V., 2016. Population-dynamics method with a multicanonical feedback control. Physical Review E, 93 (6), 062123.

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Jana, P. K., Wang, C., Jack, R. L., Chi, L. and Heuer, A., 2015. Anomalous approach to thermodynamic equilibrium:structure formation of molecules after vapor deposition. Physical Review E, 92 (5), 052402.

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Jack, R., Kelsey, D., Garrahan, J. and Chandler, D., 2008. Negative differential mobility of weakly driven particles in models of glass formers. Physical Review E, 78 (1), 011506.

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