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Wharton, S., 2012. Franco-German collaboration in documentary and newsreel : Palatable promotion of policy, or the pragmatism of the producer? Submitted paper

Wharton, S., 2008. Bars to understanding? Depictions of the 'gay bar' in film with specific reference to 'Coming Out', 'Les Nuits Fauves' and 'Beautiful Thing'. In: Griffiths, R., ed. Queer cinema in Europe. Bristol: Intellect, pp. 106-116.

Wharton, S., 2007. Mais la loi ne fait pas tout: l'homophobie dans la France contemporaine. Les Cahiers du MIMMOC 4

Orero, P. and Wharton, S., 2007. The Audio description of a Spanish phenomenon: Torrente 3. Journal of Specialised Translation

Wharton, S., 2006. Recherche et enseignement supérieur au Royaume-Uni. VRS - La Vie de la recherche scientifique, 366, 40--42.

Wharton, S., 2006. From margin to mainstream? Establishing a community of gay citizens. In: Cole, A., ed. Redefining the French Republic. Manchester: Manchester University Press, 82--96.

Wharton, S., 2006. Screening Reality: French Documentary under German Occupation. Bern: Peter Lang. (Modern French Identities)

Wharton, S., 2003. Pédés, PACS et pognon: establishing a community of French gay citizens? In: Cairns, L., ed. Lesbian and Gay Cultures in France. Bern: Peter Lang AG, p. 12.

Wharton, S., 2000. Pédés et polemiques: Faggots and Fireworks - Les Nuits fauves and its Moral(ity). In: Everett, W., ed. The Seeing Century: Film, Vision, and Identity. Amsterdam: Editions Rodopi.

Wharton, S., 2000. Unwilling Filmstars: Service de travail obligatoire and its filmic representation. Proceedings of the Western Society for French History, 26.

Wharton, S., 1999. Progress, What Progress? The Gay and Lesbian Liberation Movement in the Fifth Republic. In: Allison, M., ed. Forty Years of the Fifth French Republic: Actions, Dialogues and Discourses. Bern: Peter Lang AG.

Wharton, S., 1997. Financial (Self-)Identification: the pink economy in France. In: Perry, S., ed. Voices of France. London: Pinter.

Wharton, S., 1995. Desperation and d'sespoir: gay activism in France. In: Windebank, J., ed. Violence and conflict in the politics and society of contemporary France. Lampeter: Edwin Mellen.

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