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Ashton, D. J. and Wilding, N. B., 2014. Quantifying the effects of neglecting many-body interactions in coarse-grained models of complex fluids. Physical Review E (PRE), 89 (3), 031301(R).

Mosley, P. J., Gris-Sánchez, I., Stone, J. M., Francis-Jones, R. J. A., Ashton, D. J. and Birks, T. A., 2014. Characterizing the variation of propagation constants in multicore fiber. Optics Express, 22 (21), pp. 25689-25699.

Ashton, D. J. and Wilding, N. B., 2014. Three-body interactions in complex fluids : virial coefficients from simulation finite-size effects. Journal of Chemical Physics, 140 (24), 244118.

Ashton, D. J., Jack, R. L. and Wilding, N. B., 2013. Self-assembly of colloidal polymers via depletion-mediated lock and key binding. Soft Matter, 9 (40), pp. 9661-9666.

Ashton, D. J., Sánchez-Gil, V. and Wilding, N. B., 2013. Monte Carlo methods for estimating depletion potentials in highly size-asymmetrical hard sphere mixtures. Journal of Chemical Physics, 139 (14), 144102.

Ashton, D. J., Wilding, N. B., Roth, R. and Evans, R., 2011. Depletion potentials in highly size-asymmetric binary hard-sphere mixtures: comparison of simulation results with theory. Physical Review E, 84 (6), 061136.

Ashton, D. J. and Wilding, N. B., 2011. Grand canonical simulation of phase behaviour in highly size-asymmetrical binary fluids. Molecular Physics, 109 (7-10), pp. 999-1007.

Ashton, D. J., Liu, J., Luijten, E. and Wilding, N. B., 2010. Monte Carlo cluster algorithm for fluid phase transitions in highly size-asymmetrical binary mixtures. Journal of Chemical Physics, 133 (19), 194102.

Ashton, D. J., Wilding, N. B. and Sollich, P., 2010. Fluid phase coexistence and critical behavior from simulations in the restricted Gibbs ensemble. Journal of Chemical Physics, 132 (7), 074111.

Ashton, D. J. and Garrahan, J. P., 2009. Relationship between vibrations and dynamical heterogeneity in a model glass former: Extended soft modes but local relaxation. The European Physical Journal E - Soft Matter, 30 (3), pp. 303-307.

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