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Gross, A. J., Holmes, S., Dale, S. E. C., Smallwood, M. J., Green, S. J., Peter Winlove, C., Benjamin, N., Winyard, P. G. and Marken, F., 2015. Nitrite/nitrate detection in serum based on dual-plate generator-collector currents in a microtrench. Talanta, 131, pp. 228-235.


Dale, S.E.C., Vuorema, A., Sillanpää, M., Weber, J., Wain, A.J., Barnes, E.O., Compton, R.G. and Marken, F., 2014. Nano-litre proton/hydrogen titration in a dual-plate platinum-platinum generator-collector electrode micro-trench. Electrochimica Acta, 125, pp. 94-100.

Hasnat, M. A., Gross, A. J., Dale, S. E. C., Barnes, E. O., Compton, R. G. and Marken, F., 2014. A dual-plate ITO–ITO generator–collector microtrench sensor : Surface activation, spatial separation and suppression of irreversible oxygen and ascorbate interference. Analyst, 139 (3), pp. 569-575.


Dale, S. E. C. and Marken, F., 2013. Pulse electroanalysis at gold-gold micro-trench electrodes : chemical signal filtering. Faraday Discussions, 164, pp. 349-359.

Barnes, E. O., Lewis, G. E. M., Dale, S. E. C., Marken, F. and Compton, R. G., 2013. Dual band electrodes in generator-collector mode : simultaneous measurement of two species. Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, 703, pp. 38-44.

Dale, S. E. C., Hotchen, C. E. and Marken, F., 2013. Generator-collector electroanalysis at tin-doped indium oxide-epoxy-tin-doped indium oxide junction electrodes. Electrochimica Acta, 101, pp. 196-200.

Dale, S.E.C., Chan, Y., Bulman Page, P.C., Barnes, E.O., Compton, R.G. and Marken, F., 2013. A gold-gold oil microtrench electrode for liquid-liquid anion transfer voltammetry. Electrophoresis, 34 (14), pp. 1979-1984.

Shah, H.H., Al-Balushi, R.A., Al-Suti, M.K., Khan, M.S., Woodall, C. H., Molloy, K.C., Raithby, P.R., Robinson, T.P., Dale, S.E.C. and Marken, F., 2013. Long-range intramolecular electronic communication in bis(ferrocenylethynyl) complexes incorporating conjugated heterocyclic spacers : Synthesis, crystallography, and electrochemistry. Inorganic Chemistry, 52 (9), pp. 4898-4908.

Dale, S. E. C., Compton, R. G. and Marken, F., 2013. Microwaves and electrochemistry. In: de la Hoz, A. and Loupy, A., eds. Microwaves in Organic Synthesis. Vol. 1. 3rd ed. Wiley, pp. 525-539.

Dale, S. E. C. and Marken, F., 2013. Electrochemistry within nanogaps. In: Compton, R. G. and Wadhawan, J. D., eds. SPR Electrochemistry. Vol. 12. RSC, pp. 132-154.

Barnes, E. O., Fernández-la-Villa, A., Pozo-Ayuso, D. F., Castaño-Alvarez, M., Lewis, G. E. M., Dale, S. E. C., Marken, F. and Compton, R. G., 2013. Interdigitated ring electrodes : theory and experiment. Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, 709, pp. 57-64.


Muller, A., Milosevic, M., Dale, S., Engbarth, M. and Bending, S. J., 2012. Magnetization measurements and Ginzburg-Landau simulations of micron-size β-tin samples: evidence for an unusual critical behavior of mesoscopic type-I superconductors. Physical Review Letters, 109 (19), 197003.

Shariki, S., Cox, O.T.L., Tickell, D.A., James, T.D., Dale, S.E.C., Marken, F., Pereira Morais, M.P., Van Den Elsen, J.M.H. and Bending, S., 2012. Coil-by-coil assembly of poly[acrylamide-co-3-(methacryl-amido)- phenylboronic acid] with polydiallyldimethyl-ammonium to give alizarin red S responsive films. Journal of Materials Chemistry, 22 (36), pp. 18999-19006.

Halls, J. E., Dale, S. E. C. and Marken, F., 2012. Nano-TiO 2-flavin adenine dinucleotide film redox processes in contact to humidified gas | salt electrolyte. Bioelectrochemistry, 86, pp. 54-59.

Vuorema, A., Sillanpää, M., Edler, K. J., Jaber, R., Dale, S. E. C., Bending, S., Gu, Y., Yunus, K., Fisher, A. C. and Marken, F., 2012. Mesoporous silica sputter-coated onto ITO: Electrochemical processes, ion permeability, and gold deposition through nanopores. Electroanalysis, 24 (6), pp. 1296-1305.

Webster, R. A., Xia, F., Pan, M., Mu, S., Dale, S. E. C., Tsang, S. C., Hammett, F. W., Bowen, C. R. and Marken, F., 2012. Voltammetric probing of pH at carbon nanofiber-Nafion-carbon nanofiber membrane electrode assemblies. Electrochimica Acta, 62, pp. 97-102.

Eyley, S., Shariki, S., Dale, S. E. C., Bending, S., Marken, F. and Thielemans, W., 2012. Ferrocene-decorated nanocrystalline cellulose with charge carrier mobility. Langmuir, 28 (16), pp. 6514-6519.

Barnes, E. O., Lewis, G. E. M., Dale, S. E. C., Marken, F. and Compton, R. G., 2012. Generator-collector double electrode systems: A review. Analyst, 137 (5), pp. 1068-1081.

Dale, S. E. C., Vuorema, A., Ashmore, E. M. Y., Kasprzyk-Hordern, B., Sillanpää, M., Denuault, G. and Marken, F., 2012. Gold-gold junction electrodes: The disconnection method. Chemical Record, 12 (1), pp. 143-148.

Dale, S. E. C., Compton, R. G. and Marken, F., 2012. Microwave Activation of Electrochemical Processes in Ionic Liquid Impregnated Ionomer Spheres. Electroanalysis, 24 (5), pp. 997-1002.

Lewis, G.E.M., Dale, S.E.C., Kasprzyk-Hordern, B., Barnes, E.O., Compton, R.G. and Marken, F., 2012. Square wave electroanalysis at generator-collector gold-gold double hemisphere junctions. Electroanalysis, 24 (8), pp. 1726-1731.


Shariki, S., Dale, S. E. C. and Marken, F., 2011. Electroanalysis at salt - cotton - electrode interfaces: preconcentration effects lead to nano-molar Hg(2+) sensitivity. Electroanalysis, 23 (9), pp. 2149-2155.

Cummings, C. Y., Wadhawan, J. D., Nakabayashi, T., Haga, M.-a., Rassaei, L., Dale, S. E. C., Bending, S., Pumera, M., Parker, S. C. and Marken, F., 2011. Electron hopping rate measurements in ITO junctions: Charge diffusion in a layer-by-layer deposited ruthenium(II)-bis(benzimidazolyl)pyridine-phosphonate-TiO2 film. Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, 657 (1-2), pp. 196-201.

Cutress, I. J., Wang, Y., Limon-Petersen, J. G., Dale, S. E. C., Rassaei, L., Marken, F. and Compton, R. G., 2011. Dual-microdisk electrodes in and theory transient generator-collector mode: Experiment and theory. Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, 655 (2), pp. 147-153.

Müller, A., Dale, S. E. C., Engbarth, M. A., Bending, S. J., Peter, L. M., Knittel, A. and Fangohr, H., 2011. Field-tuneable diamagnetism in ferromagnetic-superconducting core-shell structures. Advanced Functional Materials, 21 (10), pp. 1874-1880.

Dale, S. E. C., Cummings, C. Y. and Marken, F., 2011. Salt matrix voltammetry: Microphase redox processes at ammonium chloride vertical bar gold vertical bar gas triple phase boundaries. Electrochemistry Communications, 13 (2), pp. 154-157.

Xia, F., Dale, S. E. C., Webster, R. A., Pan, M., Mu, S. C., Tsang, S. C., Mitchels, J. M. and Marken, F., 2011. Electrode processes at gas | salt | Pd nanoparticle | glassy carbon electrode contacts: salt effects on the oxidation of formic acid vapor and the oxidation of hydrogen. New Journal of Chemistry, 35 (9), pp. 1855-1860.

Vuorema, A., Shariki, S., Sillanpaa, M., Thielemans, W., Nelson, G. W., Foord, J. S., Dale, S. E. C., Bending, S. and Marken, F., 2011. Enhanced TiO2 surface electrochemistry with carbonised layer-by-layer cellulose-PDDA composite films. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 13 (20), pp. 9857-9862.


Muller, A. E., Dale, S. E. C., Engbarth, M. A., Bending, S. J. and Peter, L. M., 2010. Shape-controlled electrodeposition of tin crystals from Sn(II)-fluoroborate solutions. CrystEngComm, 12 (7), pp. 2135-2138.

Vuorema, A., Sillanpää, M., Rassaei, L., Wasbrough, M. J., Edler, K. J., Thielemans, W., Dale, S. E. C., Bending, S., Wolverson, D. and Marken, F., 2010. Ultrathin carbon film electrodes from vacuum-carbonised cellulose nanofibril composite. Electroanalysis, 22 (6), pp. 619-624.


Dale, S. E. C., Bending, S. J. and Peter, L. M., 2009. Real-time in situ atomic force microscopy imaging of bismuth crystal growth. Langmuir, 25 (19), pp. 11228-11231.

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