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Cheng, C., Guy, M., Narduzzo, A. and Takashina, K., 2015. The Leidenfrost maze. European Journal of Physics, 36 (3), 03500411.

Xu, X. F., Carrington, A., Coldea, A. I., Enayati-Rad, A., Narduzzo, A., Horii, S. and Hussey, N. E., 2010. Dimensionality-driven spin-flop transition in quasi-one-dimensional PrBa2Cu4O8. Physical Review B, 81 (22), 224435.

Hess, C., Kondrat, A., Narduzzo, A., Hamann-Borrero, J. E., Klingeler, R., Werner, J., Behr, G. and Büchner, B., 2009. The intrinsic electronic phase diagram of iron-oxypnictide superconductors. EPL (Europhysics Letters), 87 (1), 17005.

Fuchs, G., Drechsler, S. -L., Kozlova, N., Behr, G., Köhler, A., Werner, J., Nenkov, K., Klingeler, R., Hamann-Borrero, J., Hess, C., Kondrat, A., Grobosch, M., Narduzzo, A., Knupfer, M., Freudenberger, J., Büchner, B. and Schultz, L., 2008. High-Field Pauli-Limiting Behavior and Strongly Enhanced Upper Critical Magnetic Fields near the Transition Temperature of an Arsenic-Deficient LaO0.9F0.1FeAs1-δ Superconductor. Physical Review Letters, 101 (23), 237003.

Narduzzo, A., Grbić, M., Požek, M., Dulčić, A., Paar, D., Kondrat, A., Hess, C., Hellmann, I., Klingeler, R., Werner, J., Köhler, A., Behr, G. and Büchner, B., 2008. Upper critical field, penetration depth, and depinning frequency of the high-temperature superconductor LaFeAsO0.9F0.1 studied by microwave surface impedance. Physical Review B, 78 (1), 012507.

Narduzzo, A., Albert, G., French, M., Mangkorntong, N., Nohara, M., Takagi, H. and Hussey, N., 2008. Violation of the isotropic mean free path approximation for overdoped La2−xSrxCuO4. Physical Review B, 77 (22), 220502.

Narduzzo, A., Enayati-Rad, A., Horii, S. and Hussey, N., 2007. Possible Coexistence of Local Itinerancy and Global Localization in a Quasi-One-Dimensional Conductor. Physical Review Letters, 98 (14), 146601.

Enayati-Rad, A., Narduzzo, A., Rullier-Albenque, F., Horii, S. and Hussey, N., 2007. Irradiation-Induced Confinement in a Quasi-One-Dimensional Metal. Physical Review Letters, 99 (13), 136402.

Narduzzo, A., Enayati-Rad, A., Heard, P. J., Kearns, S. L., Horii, S., Balakirev, F. F. and Hussey, N. E., 2006. Fragile three-dimensionality in the quasi-one-dimensional cuprate PrBa2Cu4O8. New Journal of Physics, 8 (9), 172.

Narduzzo, A., Coldea, A., Ardavan, A., Singleton, J., Pardi, L., Bercu, V., Akutsu-Sato, A., Akutsu, H., Turner, S. and Day, P., 2006. A spin resonance investigation of magnetism and dynamics in the charge-transfer salts β″-(BEDT-TTF)4[(H3O)M(C2O4)3]S. Journal of Low Temperature Physics, 142 (3-4), pp. 581-584.

Narduzzo, A., Ardavan, A., Singleton, J., Pardi, L., Bercu, V., Akutsu-Sato, A., Akutsu, H., Turner, S. S. and Day, P., 2004. Electron spin resonance studies of the organic superconductor β″-(BEDT-TTF)4[ (H3O)Fe(C2O4)3] C6H5CN. Journal De Physique Iv, 114, pp. 347-349.

Edwards, R., Narduzzo, A., Ardavan, A. and Singleton, J., 2003. Harmonics of the cyclotron resonance in the organic superconductor β-(BEDT-TTF)2IBr2. Synthetic Metals, 133-134, pp. 117-118.

Edwards, R. S., Narduzzo, A., Singleton, J., Ardavan, A. and Schlueter, J. A., 2003. Comparison of the Fermi-surface topologies of -(BEDT-TTF)2Cu(NCS)2 and its deuterated analogue. Journal of Physics-Condensed Matter, 15 (31), L483-L490.

Mielke, C., Harrison, N., Ardavan, A., Goddard, P., Singleton, J., Narduzzo, A., Montgomery, L. K., Balicas, L., Brooks, J. S. and Tokumoto, M., 2003. Possible Fröhlich superconductivity in strong magnetic fields. Synthetic Metals, 133-134, pp. 99-102.

Edwards, R. S., Narduzzo, A., Lyons, E., Childress, L., Blundell, S. J. and Singleton, J., 2002. Magnetic resonances observed in the high-field magneto-optical absorption of the quantum Ising ferromagnet LiHoF4. International Journal of Modern Physics B, 16 (20 & 22), pp. 3312-3315.

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