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Cosham, S. D., Hamilton, J. A., Hill, M. S., Johnson, A. L. and Molloy, K. C., 2016. Synthesis, Structure and CVD Studies of the Group 13 Complexes [Me2M{tfacnac}] [M = Al, Ga, In; Htfacnac = F3CC(OH)CHC(CH3)NCH2CH2OCH3]. European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 2016 (11), pp. 1712-1719. Item availability may be restricted.

Willcocks, A. M., Pugh, T., Hamilton, J., Cosham, S. D., Sung, S. L., Heil, T., Chalker, P. R., Williams, P. A., Kociok-Kohn, G. and Johnson, A. L., 2015. Tailoring precursors for deposition:synthesis structure and thermal studies of cyclopentadienyl copper(I) isocyanide complexes. Inorganic Chemistry, 54 (10), pp. 4869-4881.

Cosham, S. D., Johnson, A. L., Kociok-Köhn, G. and Molloy, K. C., 2014. Synthesis, structural and thermal characterisation of titanium silylamido complexes. Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, 772-773, pp. 27-33.

Cosham, S. D., Hill, M. S., Johnson, A. L. and Molloy, K. C., 2014. New organo- and amidozinc derivatives of primary amines. Dalton Transactions, 43 (2), pp. 859-864.

Cosham, S.D., Johnson, A.L., Jordan, L., Mahon, M.F. and Molloy, K.C., 2012. Lithium and potassium aminoalkoxides. Main Group Metal Chemistry, 35 (5-6), pp. 153-157.

Cosham, S. D., Johnson, A. L., Molloy, K. C. and Kingsley, A. J., 2011. Synthesis, characterization, and materials chemistry of group 4 silylimides. Inorganic Chemistry, 50 (23), pp. 12053-12063.

Cosham, S., 2010. Synthesis and characterisation of single-source CVD precursors for M-N-Si composites. Thesis (Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)). University of Bath.

Choujaa, H., Cosham, S. D., Johnson, A. L., Kafka, G. R., Mahon, M. F., Masters, S. L., Molloy, K. C., Rankin, D. W. H., Robertson, H. E. and Wann, D. A., 2009. Structural Tungsten-Imido Chemistry: The Gas-Phase Structure of W(NBut)(2)(NHBut)(2) and the Solid-State Structures of Novel Heterobimetallic W/N/M (M = Rh, Pd, Zn) Species. Inorganic Chemistry, 48 (5), pp. 2289-2299.

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