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Shariki, S., Bonne, M. J., Thielemans, W., Edler, K. and Marken, F., 2010. Assembly and electrochemical characterisation of nano-cellulose - Poly-aniline composite films. In: Electrochemical Society - 218th ECS Meeting Abstracts 2010, MA 2010-02.Vol. 3. Pennington, NJ: Electrochemical Society Inc., p. 2095. (Electrochemical Society - 218th ECS Meeting Abstracts 2010, MA 2010-02)


Shariki, S., Liew, S. Y., Thielemans, W., Walsh, D. A., Cummings, C. Y., Rassaei, L., Wasbrough, M. J., Edler, K. J., Bonne, M. J. and Marken, F., 2011. Tuning percolation speed in layer-by-layer assembled polyaniline–nanocellulose composite films. Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry, 15 (11-12), pp. 2675-2681.

Bonne, M. J., Galbraith, E., James, T. D., Wasbrough, M. J., Edler, K. J., Jenkins, A. T. A., Helton, M., McKee, A., Thielemans, W., Psillakis, E. and Marken, F., 2010. Boronic acid dendrimer receptor modified nanofibrillar cellulose membranes. Journal of Materials Chemistry, 20 (3), pp. 588-594.

Cummings, C. Y., Bonne, M. J., Edler, K. J., Helton, M., McKee, A. and Marken, F., 2008. Direct reversible voltammetry and electrocatalysis with surface-stabilised Fe2O3 redox states. Electrochemistry Communications, 10 (11), pp. 1773-1776.

Bonne, M., Edler, K., Buchanan, J. G., Wolverson, D., Psillakis, E., Helton, M., Thielemans, W. and Marken, F., 2008. Thin-film modified electrodes with reconstituted cellulose-PDDAC films for the accumulation and detection of triclosan. Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 112 (7), pp. 2660-2666.


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