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Zeidler, A., Salmon, P. S. and Usuki, T., 2010. Structure of liquid and glassy ZnCl2. In: SPring-8 Research Frontiers 2010. Hyogo: Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute, pp. 102-103.


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Zeidler, A., Salmon, P. S., Fischer, H. E., Neuefeind, J. C., Simonson, J. M., Lemmel, H., Rauch, H. and Markland, T. E., 2012. Reply to Comment on "Oxygen as a Site Specific Probe of the Structure of Water and Oxide Materials". Physical Review Letters, 108 (25), 259604.

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Liu, X., Cole, J. M., Waddell, P. G., Lin, T.-C., Radia, J. and Zeidler, A., 2012. Molecular origins of optoelectronic properties in coumarin dyes: Toward designer solar cell and laser applications. The Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 116 (1), pp. 727-737.

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Chirawatkul, P., Zeidler, A., Salmon, P. S., Takeda, S., Kawakita, Y., Usuki, T. and Fischer, H., 2011. Structure of eutectic liquids in the Au-Si, Au-Ge, and Ag-Ge binary systems by neutron diffraction. Physical Review B, 83 (1), 014203.

Wezka, K., Zeidler, A., Salmon, P. S., Kidkhunthod, P., Barnes, A. C. and Fischer, H. E., 2011. Structure of praseodymium and neodymium gallate glasses. Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids, 357 (14), pp. 2511-2515.

Zeidler, A., Salmon, P. S., Martin, R. A., Usuki, T., Mason, P. E., Cuello, G. J., Kohara, S. and Fischer, H. E., 2010. Structure of liquid and glassy ZnCl2. Physical Review B, 82 (10), 104208.

Zeidler, A., Drewitt, J. W. E., Salmon, P. S., Barnes, A. C., Crichton, W. A., Klotz, S., Fischer, H. E., Benmore, C. J., Ramos, S. and Hannon, A. C., 2009. Establishing the structure of GeS2 at high pressures and temperatures: a combined approach using x-ray and neutron diffraction. Journal of Physics-Condensed Matter, 21 (47), 474217.


Zeidler, A., 2009. Ordering in amorphous binary systems. Thesis (Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)). University of Bath.

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