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Davies, P. and Brown, D. R., 2012. Prion diseases, metals and antioxidants. In: Brown, D. R., ed. Brain Diseases and Metalloproteins. Singapore: Pan Stanford Publishing, pp. 249-293.


Younan, N.D., Sarell, C.J., Davies, P., Brown, D.R. and Viles, J.H., 2013. The cellular prion protein traps Alzheimer's Aβ in an oligomeric form and disassembles amyloid fibers. FASEB Journal, 27 (5), pp. 1847-1858.

Younan, N.D., Nadal, R.C., Davies, P., Brown, D. R. and Viles, J.H., 2012. Methionine oxidation perturbs the structural core of the prion protein and suggests a generic misfolding pathway. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 287 (34), pp. 28263-28275.

Meloni, G., Crameri, A., Fritz, G., Davies, P., Brown, D. R., Kroneck, P. M. H. and Vašák, M., 2012. The catalytic redox activity of prion protein-cuII is controlled by metal exchange with the ZnII-Thiolate clusters of Zn7Metallothionein-3. ChemBiochem, 13 (9), pp. 1261-1265.

Davies, P., Wang, X. Y., Sarell, C. J., Drewett, A., Marken, F., Viles, J. H. and Brown, D. R., 2011. The synucleins are a family of redox-active copper binding proteins. Biochemistry, 50 (1), pp. 37-47.

Nadal, R. C., Davies, P., Brown, D. R. and Viles, J. H., 2009. Evaluation of Copper(2+) Affinities for the Prion Protein. Biochemistry, 48 (38), pp. 8929-8931.

Stevens, D. J., Walter, E. D., Rodriguez, A., Draper, D., Davies, P., Brown, D. R. and Millhauser, G. L., 2009. Early Onset Prion Disease from Octarepeat Expansion Correlates with Copper Binding Properties. PLoS Pathogens, 5 (4), e1000390.

Davies, P., Fontaine, S. N., Moualla, D., Wang, X. Y., Wright, J. A. and Brown, D. R., 2008. Amyloidogenic metal-binding proteins: new investigative pathways. Biochemical Society Transactions, 36, pp. 1299-1303.

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