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Book Sections

Aashoor, F.A.O. and Robinson, F.V.P., 2013. Maximum power point tracking of photovoltaic water pumping system using fuzzy logic controller. In: Proceedings of the Universities Power Engineering Conference. Dublin: IEEE, pp. 1-5.

Wang, Y., Draper, M.J., Denley, S.M., Robinson, F.V.P. and Shepherd, P.R., 2012. Control scheme evaluation for class-D amplifiers in a power-ultrasonic system. In: 6th IET International Conference on Power Electronics, Machines and Drives (PEMD 2012). IET, A113. (IET Conference Publications; 2012/CP592)

Gee, A., Robinson, F. V. P. and Dunn, R. W., 2011. Sliding-mode control, dynamic assessment and practical implementation of a bidirectional buck/boost DC-to-DC converter. In: Proceedings of the 2011 14th European Conference on Power Electronics and Applications, EPE 2011. Piscataway, NJ: IEEE Computer Society, pp. 1-10.

Zubi, H. M., Dunn, R. W., Robinson, F. V. P. and El-Werfelli, M. H., 2010. Passive filter design using genetic algorthims for adjustable speed drives. In: Published in Power and Energy Society General Meeting, 2010 IEEE. IEEE.


Najafi, H. R., Samadi, A. A., Dastyar, F. and Robinson, F., 2010. Sensitivity study of parameters influencing large-disturbance stability of wind-farm implemented with DFIG. International Journal of Electrical Engineering, 17 (2), pp. 99-107.

Hamidi, V., Li, F. R. and Robinson, F. V. P., 2009. Demand response in the UK's domestic sector. Electric Power Systems Research, 79 (12), pp. 1722-1726.

Conference or Workshop Items

Ayoub, M. W. and Robinson, F. V. P., 2013. A comparative study between diode and thyristor based AC to DC converters for aluminium smelting process. In: 7th IEEE GCC Conference and Exhibition (GCC 2013), 2013-11-17 - 2013-11-20, Doha.

Hamidi, V., Li, F. and Robinson, F., 2008. Responsive demand in networks with high penetration of wind power. In: Transmission and Distribution Conference and Exposition, 2008. T&D. IEEE/PES, 2008-04-21 - 2008-04-24, Chicago.

Hamidi, V., Li, F. and Robinson, F., 2008. The Effect of Responsive Demand in Domestic Sector on Power System Operation in the Networks with High Penetration of Renewables. In: Energy, S., ed. General Meeting of the IEEE Power and Energy Society, 2008-07-20 - 2008-07-24, Pittsburgh, PA.

Najafi, H. R., Samad, I. A. A., Dasttyar, F. and Robinson, F. V. P., 2008. The impact of a wind farm with doubly-fed induction generator on power grid. In: Institute of Electrical Engineers Japan International conference on Electrical Engineering(ICEE 2008), 2008-01-01, Japan.

Robinson, F. V. and Hamidi, V., 2007. Series connecting devices for high-voltage power conversion. In: Universities Power Engineering Conference, 2007. UPEC 2007. 42nd International, 2007-01-01.

Robinson, F., 2007. Voltage sharing scheme for series-connected power semiconductors. In: 20th IET symposium on pulsed power 2007, 2007-01-01.

Rodger, D., Lai, H. C., Hill-Cottingham, R. J., Coles, P. C. and Robinson, F., 2006. A New High Efficiency Line Start Motor with High Starting Torque. In: Power Electronics, Machines and Drives, 2006. The 3rd IET International Conference on, 2006-01-01.

Najafi, H. R. and Robinson, F., 2006. Design of a New Nonlinear Fuzzy State Feedback Controller for HVDC Systems. In: Industrial Electronics and Applications, 2006 1ST IEEE Conference on, 2006-01-01.

Najafi, H., Robinson, F. and Jahed Motlagh, M., 2004. Novel dynamic modelling of parallel HVAC/HVDC. In: Universities Power Engineering Conference (UPEC 2004, 2004-01-01.

Redfern, M. A., Terry, S. C. and Robinson, F. V. P., 2004. The application of distribution system current transformers for high frequency transient based protection. In: Developments in Power System Protection, 2004. Eighth IEE International Conference on, 2004-01-01.

Terry, S., Redfern, M. and Robinson, F., 2001. Investigations into the response of distribution system current transformers to fault generated high frequency signals. In: Proc 36th Universities Power Engineering Conference (UPEC 2001) Session 3D, paper 5, CD ROM, 2001, 2001-01-01.

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