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Book Sections

Dixon, M. J., Nathubhai, A., Andersen, O. A., van Aalten, D. M. F. and Eggleston, I. M., 2009. Synthesis and Structure-based Dissection of Cyclic Peptide Chitinase Inhibitors: New Leads for Antifungal and Anti-inflammatory Drugs. In: DelValle, S., Escher, E. and Lubell, W. D., eds. Peptides for Youth - The Proceedings of the 20th American Peptide Symposium. Springer, pp. 525-526. (Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology)


Nathubhai, A., Patterson, R., Woodman, T. J., Sharp, H. E. C., Chui, M. T. Y., Chung, H. H. K., Lau, S. W. S., Zheng, J., Lloyd, M. D., Thompson, A. S. and Threadgill, M. D., 2011. N3-Alkylation during formation of quinazolin-4-ones from condensation of anthranilamides and orthoamides. Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry, 9 (17), pp. 6089-6099.

Dixon, M. J., Nathubhai, A., Andersen, O. A., van Aalten, D. M. F. and Eggleston, I. M., 2009. Solid-phase synthesis of cyclic peptide chitinase inhibitors: SAR of the argifin scaffold. Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry, 7 (2), pp. 259-268.

Dixon, M., Giuntini, F., Nathubhai, A., Andersen, O., van Aalten, D. and Eggleston, I., 2008. Synthetic approaches to cyclic peptide natural products as chitinase inhibitors. Journal of Peptide Science, 14 (8), p. 55.

Andersen, O. A., Nathubhai, A., Dixon, M. J., Eggleston, I. M. and van Aalten, D. M. F., 2008. Structure-based dissection of the natural product cyclopentapeptide chitinase inhibitor argifin. Chemistry & Biology, 15 (3), pp. 295-301.

Dixon, M., Nathubhai, A., Andersen, O., van Aalten, D. and Eggleston, I. M., 2008. Synthesis of cyclic peptide chitinase inhibitors:Natural products,with chemotherapeutic potential. Journal of Peptide Science, 14 (8 (Suppl S)), p. 13.

Dixon, M. J., Andersen, O. A., van Aalten, D. M. F., Nathubhai, A. and Eggleston, I. M., 2007. Cyclic peptide chitinase inhibitors: new leads for antifungal and anti-inflammatory drugs. Biopolymers, 88, p. 576.

Conference or Workshop Items

Jevglevskis, M., Lee, G. L., Nathubhai, A., James, T., Threadgill, M., Woodman, T. and Lloyd, M., 2015. A Convenient Colorimetric Assay for α-Methylacyl-CoA Racemase (AMACR; P504S) and Testing Of Inhibitors. In: Cancer Research @ Bath symposium, 2015-11-11 - 2015-11-11, University of Bath, Claverton Down cmpus, builidng 5W.

Kenny, M. B. C., Cheng, K. K. Y., Cheung, J. Y. C., Fung, S. K. M., Kumpan, E., Nathubhai, A. and Threadgill, M. D., 2015. Comparison of the inhibition of tankyrase-2 by 2-aryl-7,8-dihydrothiopyrano[4,3-d]pyrimidin-4-ones and 2-aryl-5,6,7,8-tetrahydroquinazolin-4-ones. In: 23rd Conference of the Groupement des Pharmacochimistes de l’Arc Atlantique (GP2A), 2015-08-26 - 2015-08-27.


Nathubhai, A., 2010. Molecular probes for mammalian chitinases. Thesis (Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)). University of Bath.


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