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Larmuth, K. M., Masuyer, G., Douglas, R. G., Schwager, S. L., Acharya, K. R. and Sturrock, E. D., 2016. Kinetic and structural characterisation of amyloid-β peptides hydrolysis by human angiotensin-1-converting enzyme. FEBS Journal, 283 (6), pp. 1060-1076.

Masuyer, G., Douglas, R. G., Sturrock, E. D. and Acharya, K. R., 2015. Structural basis of Ac-SDKP hydrolysis by Angiotensin-I converting enzyme. Scientific Reports, 5, 13742.

Michaud, A., Acharya, K., Masuyer, G., Quenech'du, N., Gribouval, O., Morinière, V., Gubler, M.-C. and Corvol, P., 2014. Absence of cell surface expression of human ACE leads to perinatal death. Human Molecular Genetics, 23 (6), pp. 1479-1491.

Douglas, R. G., Sharma, R. K., Masuyer, G., Lubbe, L., Zamora, I., Acharya, K. R., Chibale, K. and Sturrock, E. D., 2014. Fragment-based design for the development of N-domain-selective angiotensin-1-converting enzyme inhibitors. Clinical Science, 126 (4), pp. 305-313.

Masuyer, G., Mohd, A., Czarny, B., Beau, F., Schwager, S. L. U., Sturrock, E. D., Isaac, R. E., Dive, V. and Acharya, K. R., 2014. Crystal structures of highly specific phosphinic tripeptide enantiomers in complex with the angiotensin-I converting enzyme. FEBS Journal, 281 (3), pp. 943-956.

Yates, C. J., Masuyer, G., Schwager, S. L. U., Mohd, A., Sturrock, E. D. and Acharya, K. R., 2014. Molecular and thermodynamic mechanisms of the chloride-dependent human angiotensin-I-converting enzyme (ACE). Journal of Biological Chemistry, 289 (3), pp. 1798-1814.

Akif, M., Masuyer, G., Bingham, R. J., Sturrock, E. D., Isaac, R. E. and Acharya, K. R., 2012. Structural basis of peptide recognition by the angiotensin-1 converting enzyme homologue AnCE from Drosophila melanogaster. FEBS Journal, 279 (24), pp. 4525-4534.

Stancombe, P. R., Masuyer, G., Birch-Machin, I., Beard, M., Foster, K. A., Chaddock, J. A. and Acharya, K. R., 2012. Engineering botulinum neurotoxin domains for activation by toxin light chain. FEBS Journal, 279 (3), pp. 515-523.

Masuyer, G., Jabeen, T., Oberg, C. T., Leffler, H., Nilsson, U. J. and Acharya, K. R., 2012. Inhibition mechanism of human galectin-7 by a novel galactose-benzylphosphate inhibitor. FEBS Journal, 279 (2), pp. 193-202.

Anthony, C. S., Masuyer, G., Sturrock, E. D. and Acharya, K. R., 2012. Structure based drug design of angiotensin-i converting enzyme inhibitors. Current Medicinal Chemistry, 19 (6), pp. 845-855.

Masuyer, G., Stancombe, P., Chaddock, J. A. and Acharya, K. R., 2011. Structures of engineered Clostridium botulinum neurotoxin derivatives. Acta Crystallographica Section F-Structural Biology and Crystallization Communications, 67 (12), pp. 1466-1472.

Akif, M., Masuyer, G., Schwager, S. L. U., Bhuyan, B. J., Mugesh, G., Isaac, R. E., Sturrock, E. D. and Acharya, K. R., 2011. Structural characterization of angiotensin I-converting enzyme in complex with a selenium analogue of captopril. FEBS Journal, 278 (19), pp. 3644-3650.

Masuyer, G., Beard, M., Cadd, V. A., Chaddock, J. A. and Acharya, K. R., 2011. Structure and activity of a functional derivative of Clostridium botulinum neurotoxin B. Journal of Structural Biology, 174 (1), pp. 52-57.

Rouget, C., Quinton, L., Maiga, A., Gales, C., Masuyer, G., Malosse, C., Chamot-Rooke, J., Thai, R., Mourier, G., de Pauw, E., Gilles, N. and Servent, D., 2010. Identification of a novel snake peptide toxin displaying high affinity and antagonist behaviour for the alpha(2)-adrenoceptors. British Journal of Pharmacology, 161 (6), pp. 1361-1374.

Quinton, L., Girard, E., Maiga, A., Rekik, M., Lluel, P., Masuyer, G., Larregola, M., Marquer, C., Ciolek, J., Magnin, T., Wagner, R., Molgo, J., Thai, R., Fruchart-Gaillard, C., Mourier, G., Chamot-Rooke, J., Menez, A., Palea, S., Servent, D. and Gilles, N., 2010. Isolation and pharmacological characterization of AdTx1, a natural peptide displaying specific insurmountable antagonism of the alpha(1A)-adrenoceptor. British Journal of Pharmacology, 159 (2), pp. 316-325.

Masuyer, G., Thiyagarajan, N., James, P. L., Marks, P. M. H., Chaddock, J. A. and Acharya, K. R., 2009. Crystal structure of a catalytically active, non-toxic endopeptidase derivative of Clostridium botulinum toxin A. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, 381 (1), pp. 50-53.


Masuyer, G., 2012. Structure and activity of Clostridium botulinum neurotoxin functional fragments. Thesis (Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)). University of Bath.

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