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Goodbody, A. H. and Rigby, K., 2011. Ecocritical theory: new European approaches. University of Virginia Press.

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Book Sections

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Goodbody, A., 2013. Heimat als identität und ökologisches bewusstsein stiftender faktor: zu ansätzen in Romanen um 1900 von Bruno Wille, Hermann Hesse und Josef Ponten. In: Paulsen, A. and Sandberg, A. L., eds. Natur und moderne um 1900: räume, repräsentationen, medien. Bielefeld: Transcript Verlag, pp. 183-202.

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Goodbody, A. H., 2009. Political dislocation and poetic reorientation in Volker Braun's 'Bodenloser Satz'. In: Goodbody, A. H., O'Dochartaigh, P. and Tate, D., eds. Dislocation and Reorientation: Exile, Division and the End of Communism in German Culture and Politics.71 ed. Amsterdam: Rodopi, pp. 21-32. (German Monitor)

Goodbody, A. H., 2008. Wasserfrauen in ökofeministischer Perspektive bei Ingeborg Bachmann und Karen Duve: Mahnende Stimmen über unsere Beziehung zur Natur. In: Goodbody, A. and Wanning, B., eds. Wasser Kultur Ökologie. Beiträge zum Wandel im Umgang mit dem Wasser und zu seiner literarischen Imagination. Göttingen: v&r unipress.

Goodbody, A. H., 2007. Nature in German Culture: The role of writers in environmental debate. In: Goodbody, A. H., ed. Nature Technology and Cultural Change in Twentieth-Century German Literature. Palgrave Macmillan. (New Perspectives in German Political Studies)

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Goodbody, A., 2011. Frame Theory and its Relevance for Environmental Communication. Working Paper. Cultural Framing of Environmental Discourse.

Conference or Workshop Items

Goodbody, A., 2012. Affect and risk in german environmental novels. In: The Shaping Power of Risk : Literature - Culture - Environment. International Conference, 2012, 2012-02-24 - 2012-02-26.

Goodbody, A., 2012. Climate change in contemporary German fiction. In: Transatlantic Dialogues on the Environment, 2012-09-28 - 2012-09-29.

Goodbody, A. H., 2012. Frame analysis as an approach to environmental discourse and environmental literature. In: Being Human in Times of Climate Change : Stretching the Disciplinary Boundaries, 2012, 2012-01-23 - 2012-01-27.

Goodbody, A., 2011. Sense of place and lieu de memoire:exploring a cultural memory approach to environmental texts. In: New Grounds : Ecocriticism, Globalization and Cultural Memory, 2010, 2010-01-13 - 2010-01-15.

Goodbody, A., 2011. Heimat's environmental turn. In: ASLE 2011 "Species, Space, and the Imagination of the Global", 2011-06-21 - 2011-06-26.

Goodbody, A., 2011. Heimat in ecocritical perspective:place identity and reinhabitation in a globalised world. In: Association for German Studies in Great Britain and Ireland (AGS) Conference 2011, 2011-04-13 - 2011-04-15.

Goodbody, A., 2011. Frame analysis and the literature of climate change. In: Literature, Ecology, Ethics : Recent Trends in European Ecocriticism, 2011, 2011-03-03 - 2011-03-05.

Goodbody, A., 2011. Frame analysis:overview and relevance for the critical study of environmental discourse. In: Reframing Disaster : Normalising Catastrophe (CFOED) Network Workshop, 2011, 2011-06-16 - 2011-06-17.

Goodbody, A., 2011. Frame analysis:studying literature in the context of environmental discourse. In: Advancing Theory and Method in the Environmental Humanities, Researcher Training Course, 2011, 2011-10-14 - 2011-10-20.

Goodbody, A., 2011. Heimat als identität und ökologishces Bewusstsein stiftender Faktor im Roman um 1900. In: Natur und Moderne um 1900 : Eine literatur- und kulturwissenschaftliche Tagung, International Conference, 2011, 2011-10-27 - 2011-10-28.

Goodbody, A., 2011. Heimat in the 21st century. Has place-belonging a place in our globalised world? In: Place and Identity : Norms, Identities, Representations Workshop, 2011, 2011-05-12.

Goodbody, A., 2010. Place-belonging in a post-modern world. In: Sense of Place in a Changing World, 2010, 2010-09-30 - 2010-10-02.

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Goodbody, A., 2008. Natur und Umwelt in den Gedichten Theodor Kramers. In: Theodor Kramer Remembered, 2008, 2008-11-11.

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