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Diamond, H., 2007. Fleeing Hitler: France 1940. Oxford University Press.

Book Sections

Diamond, H., 2014. France in 1940:images of refugees. In: Martens, S. and Prauser, S., eds. La guerre de 1940. Presses Universitaires du Septentrion.

Bornat, J. and Diamond, H., 2009. Histoire orale et histoire des femmes. La contribution anglo-saxonne. In: Thebaud, F. and Dermenjian, G., eds. Quand les femmes témoignent: histoire orale, histoire des femmes, mémoire des femmes. Paris: Publisud Editeur, pp. 37-60.

Diamond, H. and Gorrara, C., 2004. Occupation Memories: French History and the Aubrac affair in the 1990s. In: Kidd, W. and Murdoch, B. O., eds. The Commemorative Century. Ashgate, 233--244.

Diamond, H. and Gorrara, C., 2003. Facing the past: French wartime memories at the milennium. In: Milner, S. and Parsons, N., eds. Reinventing France State and Society in the Twenty-First Century. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 173-184.

Diamond, H., 2003. The French Revolution: Origins and Beginnings. In: Gorrara, C. and Langford, R., eds. France since the Revolution. Chatham, Kent: Arnold, 13--26.

Diamond, H. and Gorrara, C., 2003. The campaign for parity in the 1990s: women and the French Republic. In: Gorrara, C. and Langford, R., eds. France since the Revolution. Chatham, Kent: , 121--136.

Diamond, H., 1995. Libération, quelle libération? L'expérience des femmes toulousaines. In: Thebaud, F., ed. Résistances et Libérations France 1940-1945. Toulouse: Presse Universitaires du Mirail, pp. 89-109. (Clio. Histoire, femmes et sociétés; 1/1995)


Diamond, H. and Gorrara, C., 2012. Reframing war: histories and memories of the Second World War in the photography of Julia Pirotte. Modern and Contemporary France, 20 (4), pp. 453-471.

Diamond, H., 2011. Miners, masculinity and the ‘Bataille du Charbon’ in France 1944-48. Modern and Contemporary France, 19 (1), pp. 69-84.

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Diamond, H., 2000. The role of the witness and the historian in Contemporary France: the Jean Moulin enigma. Proceedings of the Western Society for French History: Selected Papers of the Annual Meeting

Diamond, H., 1995. Gaining the vote ‐ a liberating experience? Modern and Contemporary France, 3 (2), pp. 129-139.

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