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Boussebaa, M., 2012. Power, Conflict and Control in Global Professional Service Firms. Oxford, U. K.: Said Business School, University of Oxford. (Insight Series; 10)

Greenwood, R., Morris, T., Fairclough, S. and Boussebaa, M., 2011. The Transnational Professional Service Firm : The Rise of the Multiplex Professional Service Firm. Oxford, U. K.: Said Business School, University of Oxford. (Insight Series; 1)

Book Sections

Boussebaa, M. and Morgan, G., 2015. Forthcoming. The internationalisation of professional service firms : drivers, forms and outcomes. In: Empson, L., Muzio, D., Broschak, J. and Hinings, B., eds. Oxford Handbook of Professional Service Firms. Oxford, U. K.: Oxford University Press.

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Spicer, A. and Boussebaa, M., 2009. Managing conflict : the curious case of neuro-linguistic programming. In: Hancock, P. and Tyler, M., eds. The Management of Everyday Life. Basingstoke, U. K.: Palgrave Macmillan.


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