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Qu, X., Allan, A., Chui, G., Hutchings, T. J., Jiao, P., Johnson, L., Leung, W. Y., Li, P. K., Steel, G. R., Thompson, A. S., Threadgill, M. D., Woodman, T. J. and Lloyd, M. D., 2013. Hydrolysis of ibuprofenoyl-CoA and other 2-APA-CoA esters by human acyl-CoA thioesterases-1 and -2 and their possible role in the chiral inversion of profens. Biochemical Pharmacology, 86 (11), pp. 1621-1625.

Nathubhai, A., Patterson, R., Woodman, T. J., Sharp, H. E. C., Chui, M. T. Y., Chung, H. H. K., Lau, S. W. S., Zheng, J., Lloyd, M. D., Thompson, A. S. and Threadgill, M. D., 2011. N3-Alkylation during formation of quinazolin-4-ones from condensation of anthranilamides and orthoamides. Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry, 9 (17), pp. 6089-6099.

Holbourn, K. P., Lloyd, M. D., Thompson, A. S., Threadgill, M. D. and Acharya, K. R., 2011. Cloning, purification, crystallization and preliminary crystallographic analysis of the human histone deacetylase sirtuin 1. Acta Crystallographica Section F-Structural Biology and Crystallization Communications, 67 (4), pp. 461-463.

Sunderland, P. T., Woon, E. C. Y., Dhami, A., Bergin, A. B., Mahon, M. F., Wood, P. J., Jones, L. A., Tully, S. R., Lloyd, M. D., Thompson, A. S., Javaid, H., Martin, N. M. B. and Threadgill, M. D., 2011. 5-benzamidoisoquinolin-1-ones and 5-(ω-carboxyalkyl)isoquinolin-1-ones as isoform-selective inhibitors of poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase 2 (PARP-2). Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 54 (7), pp. 2049-2059.

Rahman, K. M., Thompson, A. S., James, C. H., Narayanaswamy, M. and Thurston, D. E., 2009. The pyrrolobenzodiazepine dimer SJG-136 forms sequence-dependent intrastrand DNA cross-links and monoalkylated adducts in addition to interstrand cross-links. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 131 (38), pp. 13756-13766.

Spruce, B. A., Campbell, L. A., McTavish, N., Cooper, M. A., Appleyard, M. V. L., O'Neill, M., Howie, J., Samson, J., Watt, S., Murray, K., McLean, D., Leslie, N. R., Safrany, S. T., Ferguson, M. J., Peters, J. A., Prescott, A. R., Box, G., Hayes, A., Nutley, B., Raynaud, F., Downes, C. P., Lambert, J. J., Thompson, A. M. and Eccles, S., 2004. Small molecule antagonists of the σ-1 receptor cause selective release of the death program in tumor and self-reliant cells and inhibit tumor growth in vitro and in vivo. Cancer Research, 64, pp. 4875-4886.

Smellie, M., Bose, D. S., Thompson, A. S., Jenkins, T. C., Hartley, J. A. and Thurston, D. E., 2003. Sequence-selective recognition of duplex DNA through covalent interstrand cross-linking: kinetic and molecular modeling studies with pyrrolobenzodiazepine dimers. Biochemical Journal, 42 (27), pp. 8232-8239.

Wong, S. M., Shah, B., Shah, P., Butt, I. C., Woon, E. C. Y., Wright, J. A., Thompson, A. S., Upton, C. and Threadgill, M. D., 2002. A new synthesis of "push-pull" naphthalenes by condensation of nitro-2-methylbenzoate esters with dimethylacetamide dimethyl acetal. Tetrahedron Letters, 43 (12), pp. 2299-2302.

Wayman, N., McDonald, M. C., Thompson, A. S., Threadgill, M. D. and Thiemermann, C., 2001. 5-Aminoisoquinolinone, a potent inhibitor of poly(adenosine 5'-diphosphate ribose) polymerase, reduces myocardial infarct size. European Journal of Pharmacology, 430 (1), pp. 93-100.

McDonald, M. C., Mota-Filipe, H., Wright, J. A., Abdelrahman, M., Threadgill, M. D., Thompson, A. S. and Thiemermann, C., 2000. Effects of 5-aminoisoquinolinone, a water-soluble, potent inhibitor of the activity of poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase on the organ injury and dysfunction caused by haemorrhagic shock. British Journal of Pharmacology, 130 (4), pp. 843-850.

Conference or Workshop Items

Woodman, T.J., Wood, P. J., Thompson, A. S., Hutchings, T. J., Jiao, P., Steel, G. R., Threadgill, M. D. and Lloyd, M. D., 2011. Chiral inversion of NSAID-CoA esters by human ∝-methylacyl-CoA racemase. In: Cancer Research @ Bath Conference, 2011, 2011-05-01.


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