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Charrington, H. and Nava, V., eds., 2011. Alvar Aalto : The Mark of the Hand. Helsinki, Finland: Rakennustieto Publishing.

Charrington, H., ed., 1998. Alvar Aalto: Kulttuuritalo. The House of Culture. Helsinki: Rakennustieto Oy.

Charrington, H., ed., 1989. Scroope Journal, Issue 1. Cambridge: University of Cambridge.

Book Sections

Charrington, H., 2012. A persuasive topology: Alvar Aalto and the ambience of history. In: Emmons, P., Hendrix, J. and Lomholt, J., eds. The Cultural Role of Architecture: Contemporary and Historical Perspectives. London: Routledge, pp. 102-113.

Charrington, H. and Devereux, M., 2012. Making space for place: from development management to planning. In: Bahar Durmaz, K. B. &, ed. Proceedings of Designing Place: International Urban Design Conference 2012. Nottingham: University of Nottingham Press, pp. 117-129.

Charrington, H., 2011. On Designing and Building as a Group. In: Parvin, A., Saxby, D., Cerulli, C. and Schneider, T., eds. A Right to Build: The Next Mass-Housebuilding Industry. University of Sheffield, pp. 91-94.

Charrington, H., 2006. Alvar Aalto and the Primitive Suburb. In: Odgen, J., Samuel, F. and Sharr, A., eds. Primitive: Original Matters in Architecture. London: Routledge, pp. 166-175.

Charrington, H., 2001. Postscript. In: Kunnapu, V., ed. Ule Punase Joe - Across the Red River. Tallinn Tehnikakorgkool, pp. 234-236.

Charrington, H., 2000. Grammar of Estonian Architecture. In: Harm, A. and Maiste, T., eds. Simulacrum City. Tallinn: Eesti Arhitektide Liit, pp. 38-62.

Charrington, H., 1998. Metaphor and forgetting in the city. In: Haapala, A., ed. Metaphor and the City. Helsinki: International Institute of Aesthetics, pp. 62-75.


Charrington, H., Long, K. and Rattenbury, K., 2006. Cambridge, a conversation. Scroope, 17, xxiv-xxxv.

Charrington, H., 2003. The dignity of the everyday. Architectural Research Quarterly, 7 (2), pp. 100-101.

Charrington, H., Leitch, D. and Tavernor, B., 1995. City thresholds. European Association for Architectural Education (EAAE) Proceedings

Conference or Workshop Items

Charrington, H. and Devereux, M., 2009. Design Champions: Street and Block [conference chair & organiser]. In: Design Champions: Street & Block, 2009-04-01, Bristol.

Charrington, H. and Devereux, M., 2008. Design Champions: Housing [conference chair & organiser]. In: Design Champions: Street & Block, 2009-04-01, Bristol.


Charrington, H., 1996. Mika on Portfolio? What is a Portfolio? Finish Ministry of Education, Helsinki.

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