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Driscoll, R., Wolverson, D., Mitchels, J. M., Skelton, J., Parker, S., Molinari, M., Khan, I., Geeson, D. and Allen, G. C., 2014. A Raman spectroscopic study of uranyl minerals from Cornwall, UK. RSC Advances, 4 (103), 59137–59149.

Molinari, M., Tompsett, D.A., Parker, S.C., Azough, F. and Freer, R., 2014. Structural, electronic and thermoelectric behaviour of CaMnO and CaMnO. Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2 (34), pp. 14109-14117.

Shapley, T. V., Molinari, M., Zhu, R. and Parker, S. C., 2013. Atomistic modeling of the sorption free energy of dioxins at clay-water interfaces. Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 117 (47), pp. 24975-24984.

Bhatta, U. M., Reid, D., Sakthivel, T., Sayle, T. X. T., Sayle, D., Molinari, M., Parker, S. C., Ross, I. M., Seal, S. and Möbus, G., 2013. Morphology and surface analysis of pure and doped cuboidal ceria nanoparticles. Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 117 (46), pp. 24561-24569.

Zhu, R., Molinari, M., Shapley, T.V. and Parker, S.C., 2013. Modeling the interaction of nanoparticles with mineral surfaces : adsorbed C60 on pyrophyllite. The Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 117 (30), pp. 6602-6611.

Sayle, T. X. T., Molinari, M., Das, S., Bhatta, U. M., Möbus, G., Parker, S. C., Seal, S. and Sayle, D. C., 2013. Environment-mediated structure, surface redox activity and reactivity of ceria nanoparticles. Nanoscale, 5 (13), pp. 6063-6073.

Crabtree, J., Molinari, M., Parker, S. C. and Purton, J. A., 2013. Simulation of the adsorption and transport of CO2 on faujasite surfaces. Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 117 (42), pp. 21778-21787.

Sayle, T. X. T., Cantoni, M., Bhatta, U. M., Parker, S. C., Hall, S. R., Möbus, G., Molinari, M., Reid, D., Seal, S. and Sayle, D. C., 2012. Strain and architecture-tuned reactivity in ceria nanostructures; Enhanced catalytic oxidation of CO to CO2. Chemistry of Materials, 24 (10), pp. 1811-1821.

Molinari, M., Parker, S. C., Sayle, D. C. and Islam, M. S., 2012. Water adsorption and its effect on the stability of low index stoichiometric and reduced surfaces of ceria. Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 116 (12), pp. 7073-7082.

Zhu, R., Chen, W., Shapley, T. V., Molinari, M., Ge, F. and Parker, S. C., 2011. Sorptive characteristics of organomontmorillonite toward organic compounds: a combined LFERs and molecular dynamics simulation study. Environmental Science & Technology, 45 (15), pp. 6504-6510.

Sayle, T. X. T., Inkson, B. J., Karakoti, A., Kumar, A., Molinari, M., Mobus, G., Parker, S. C., Seal, S. and Sayle, D. C., 2011. Mechanical properties of ceria nanorods and nanochains; the effect of dislocations, grain-boundaries and oriented attachment. Nanoscale, 3 (4), pp. 1823-1837.

Zhu, R., Shapley, T. V., Molinari, M., Ge, F. and Parker, S. C., 2011. Structure of water saturated CTMA-montmorillonite hybrid: Molecular dynamics simulation investigation. Advanced Materials Research, 233-235, pp. 1872-1877.

Conference or Workshop Items

Yeandel, S., Molinari, M., Parker, S., Sayle, D. C., Freer, R. and Azough, F., 2012. Atomistic simulations for nanostructured oxide thermoelectric materials. In: Material Research Society Fall Meeting 2012, 2012-11-01, Boston.

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