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Gough, I. and McGregor, J. A., eds., 2007. Wellbeing in developing countries: from theory to research. Cambridge University Press.

Book Sections

Gough, I., 2014. Lists and thresholds:comparing the Doyal-Gough theory of human need with Nussbaum's capabilities approach. In: Comim, F. and Nussbaum, M., eds. Capabilities, Gender, Equality. Cambridge, U. K.: Cambridge University Press, pp. 357-381.

Gough, I., 2014. Climate change and public policy futures. In: New Paradigms in Public Policy. Oxford University Press.

Gough, I. and Therborn, G., 2010. Global futures of the welfare state. In: Castles, F. G., Leibfried, S., Lewis, J., Obinger, H. and Pierson, C., eds. Oxford handbook of comparative welfare states. Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. 703-720.

Gough, I. and Stables, A., 2008. Sustainability, security, liberalism, learning: framing the issues. In: Gough, S. and Stables, A., eds. Sustainability and Security within Liberal Societies: Learning to Live with the Future. London: Routledge, pp. 127-142.

Gough, I., 2008. European welfare states:explanations and lessons for developing countries. In: Dani, A. and de Haan, A., eds. Inclusive States. Washington DC, U. S. A.: World Bank, pp. 39-72. (New Frontiers of Social Policy Series)

Gough, I., Mcgregor, A. J. and Camfield, L., 2007. Theorising wellbeing in international development. In: Gough, I. and McGregor, A. J., eds. Wellbeing in Developing Countries: From Theory to Research. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp. 3-44.

Gough, I., 2004. Welfare regimes in development contexts: a global and regional analysis. In: Gough, I., Wood, G., Barrientos, A., Bevan, P., Davis, P. and Room, G., eds. Insecurity and Welfare Regimes in Asia, Africa and Latin America: Social Policy in Development Contexts. Cambridge University Press, p. 15.

Gough, I., 2003. European Social Policy Lessons: 12 Theses. In: Marshall, K. and Butzbach, O., eds. New social policy agendas for Europe and Asia: Challenges, experience, and lessons. Washington, D.C.: World Bank, pp. 15-21.

Gough, I., 2003. Welfare Regimes in East Asia and Europe Compared. In: Marshall, K. and Butzbach, O., eds. New social policy agendas for Europe and Asia: Challenges, experience, and lessons. Washington, D.C: World Bank, pp. 27-42.


Abu Sharkh, M. and Gough, I., 2010. Global welfare regimes:a cluster analysis. Global Social Policy, 10 (1), pp. 27-58.

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Devine, J., Camfield, L. and Gough, I., 2008. Autonomy or dependence - or both?: Perspectives from Bangladesh. Journal of Happiness Studies, 9 (1), pp. 105-138.

Gough, I., Meadowcroft, J., Dryzek, J., Gerhards, J., Lengfeld, H., Markandya, A. and Ortiz, R., 2008. Climate change and social policy:A symposium. Journal of European Social Policy, 18 (4), pp. 325-344.

Wood, G. and Gough, I., 2006. A Comparative Welfare Regime Approach to Global Social Policy. World Development, 34 (10), pp. 1696-1712.

Gough, I., 2001. Globalization and Regional Welfare Regimes: The East Asian Case. Global Social Policy, 1 (2), pp. 163-89.

Conference or Workshop Items

Gough, I., 2010. Forthcoming. Need. Munich, Germany: C H Beck.

Gough, I., 2008. Wellbeing and social policy. In: Regeneration and Wellbeing: Research into, 2008-04-24 - 2008-04-25.

Gough, I., 2003. Social Policies in Europe. Washington, D.C.: World Bank, pp. 513-516.

Gough, I., 2003. Welfare Regimes in East Asia. Washington, D.C: World Bank, pp. 499-512.

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