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Chuck, C., Wagner, J. and Jenkins, R., 2015. Biofuels from Microalgae. In: Letcher, T. M., Scott, J. L. and Patterson, D. A., eds. Chemical Processes for a Sustainable Future. Cambridge: Royal Society of Chemistry, pp. 425-442.


Chuck, C., Lou-Hing, D., Dean, R., Sargeant, L., Scott, R. J. and Jenkins, R., 2014. Simultaneous microwave extraction and synthesis of fatty acid methyl ester from the oleaginous yeast Rhodotorula glutinis. Energy, 69, pp. 446-454.

Jenkins, R. W., Stageman, N. E., Fortune, C. M. and Chuck, C. J., 2014. Effect of the type of bean, processing, and geographical location on the biodiesel produced from waste coffee grounds. Energy & Fuels, 28 (2), pp. 1166-1174.

Chuck, C. J., Parker, H. J., Jenkins, R. W. and Donnelly, J., 2013. Renewable biofuel additives from the ozonolysis of lignin. Bioresource Technology, 143, pp. 549-554.

Jenkins, R. W., Munro, M., Nash, S. and Chuck, C. J., 2013. Potential renewable oxygenated biofuels for the aviation and road transport sectors. Fuel, 103, pp. 593-599.

Chuck, C. J., Jenkins, R. W., Bannister, C. D., Han, L. and Lowe, J. P., 2012. Design and preliminary results of an NMR tube reactor to study the oxidative degradation of fatty acid methyl ester. Biomass and Bioenergy, 47, pp. 188-194.

Chuck, C. J., Bannister, C. D., Jenkins, R. W., Lowe, J. P. and Davidson, M. G., 2012. A comparison of analytical techniques and the products formed during the decomposition of biodiesel under accelerated conditions. Fuel, 96, pp. 426-433.

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