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Day, M., 2003. Prospects for institutional e-print repositories in the United Kingdom. Other. UKOLN, University of Bath.

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Conference or Workshop Items

Day, M., Pennock, M. and Allinson, J., 2007. Co-operation for digital preservation and curation: collaboration for collection development in institutional repository networks. In: DigCCurr2007 International Symposium in Digital Curation, 2007-04-18 - 2007-04-20, Chapel Hill, NC.

Day, M., 2003. Integrating metadata schema registries with digital preservation systems to support interoperability: a proposal. In: International Conference on Dublin Core and Metadata Applications (DC-2003), 2003-09-27 - 2003-10-02, Seattle, WA.

Day, M., 1999. Metadata for images: emerging practice and standards. In: Challenge of Image Retrieval, 1999-02-25 - 1999-02-26, Newcastle upon Tyne.

Day, M., 1998. CEDARS: Digital Preservation and Metadata. In: 6th DELOS Workshop: Preservation of Digital Information, 1998-06-17 - 1998-06-19, Tomar.

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