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Book Sections

Papadopoulos, T. and Roumpakis, A., 2015. Democracy, austerity and crisis:Southern Europe and the decline of the European social model. In: Romano, S. and Punziano, G., eds. The European Social Model Adrift. Farnham, U. K.: Ashgate Publishing, pp. 189-212.

Papadopoulos, T., 2011. Immigration and the variety of migrant integration regimes in the European Union. In: Carmel, E., Cerami, A. and Papadopoulos, T., eds. Migration and welfare in the new Europe. Bristol, UK: Policy Press, pp. 23-48.

Papadopoulos, T. and Roumpakis, A., 2011. Nordic social risk management and the challenge of EU regulation: labour market parity at risk. In: Sorsa, V.-P., ed. Rethinking Social Risk in the Nordics. Brussels, Belgium: Foundation of European Progressive Studies, pp. 199-224.

Carmel, E. and Papadopoulos, T., 2009. Governing social security: From protection to markets. In: Millar, J., ed. Understanding Social Security: Issues for policy and practice. Bristol: The Policy Press. (Understanding Welfare: Social Issues, Policy and Practice series)

Papadopoulos, T., 2008. Market. In: Gabriel, Y., ed. Organizing Words: A Critical Thesaurus for Social and Organization Studies. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Papadopoulos, T., 2006. Support for the Unemployed in a Familistic Welfare Regime. In: Mossialos, E. and Petmesidou, M., eds. Social Policy Developments in Greece. Aldershot: Ashgate, pp. 219-238.

Carmel, E. and Papadopoulos, T., 2003. The new governance of social security in Britain. In: Millar, J., ed. Understanding Social Security: Issues for policy and practice. Bristol: The Policy Press, pp. 31-52.

Papadopoulos, T., 1998. Greek family policy from a comparative perspective. In: Drew, E., Emerek, R. and Mahon, E., eds. Reconciling Family and Working Life. London: Routledge.

Papadopoulos, T., 1997. Social insurance and the crisis of statism in Greece. In: Clasen, J., ed. Social Insurance in Europe. Bristol: The Policy Press, pp. 177-203.

Papadopoulos, T., 1996. 'Family', state and social policies for children in Greece. In: Brannen, J. and O' Brien, M., eds. Children in Families: Research and Policy. Routledge, pp. 171-188.

Papadopoulos, T., 1992. The role of social research in social planning. In: The Dimensions of Contemporary Social Policy. Athens: Karagiorgas Foundation Editions.


Papadopoulos, T. and Roumpakis, A., 2013. Familistic welfare capitalism in crisis: social reproduction and anti-social policy in Greece. Journal of International and Comparative Social Policy, 29 (3), 204–224.

Carmel, E., Hamblin, K. and Papadopoulos, T., 2007. Governing the activation of older workers in the EU. International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy, 27 (9/10), 387 - 400.

Papadopoulos, T., 2002. Activation and Co-ordination: the case of Greece. L'Assistenza Sociale, special issue: La politiche di attivazione in Europa, 2, 215--229.

Papadopoulos, T., 1999. On media, culture and the prospects for a new liberatory project: An interview with Ken Loach. Democracy & Nature, The International Journal of Inclusive Democracy, 5 (1), pp. 27-32.


Papadopoulos, T., 2005. The Recommodification of European Labour: Theoretical and Empirical Explorations. Working Paper. Bath, UK: European Research Institute, University of Bath.

Papadopoulos, T., 2000. Integrated approaches to active welfare and employment policies: Greece. Other. European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions.

Conference or Workshop Items

Carmel, E. K., Cerami, A. and Papadopoulos, T., 2011. Conclusion:what future for migration? Bristol, U. K.: Policy Press, pp. 245-258.

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