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Canobbio, I., Visconte, C., Oliviero, B., Guidetti, G., Zara, M., Pula, G. and Torti, M., 2016. Increased platelet adhesion and thrombus formation in a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease. Cellular Signalling, 28 (12), pp. 1863-1871. Item availability may be restricted.

Metcalfe, C., Ramasubramoni, A., Pula, G., Harper, M. T., Mundell, S. J. and Coxon, C. H., 2016. Thioredoxin inhibitors attenuate platelet function and thrombus formation. PLoS ONE, 11 (10), e0163006.

Canobbio, I., Abubaker, A. A., Visconte, C., Torti, M. and Pula, G., 2015. Role of amyloid peptides in vascular dysfunction and platelet dysregulation in Alzheimer’s disease. Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience, 9 (65).

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Vara, D. S., Campanella, M., Canobbio, I., Dunn, W. B., Pizzorno, G., Hirano, M. and Pula, G., 2013. Autocrine amplification of integrin αIIbβ3 activation and platelet adhesive responses by deoxyribose-1-phosphate. Thrombosis and Haemostasis, 109 (6), pp. 1108-1119.

Pula, G., Garonna, E., Dunn, W. B., Hirano, M., Pizzorno, G., Campanella, M., Schwartz, E. L., El Kouni, M. H. and Wheeler-Jones, C. P. D., 2010. Paracrine stimulation of endothelial cell motility and angiogenesis by platelet-derived deoxyribose-1-phosphate. Arteriosclerosis, thrombosis, and vascular biology, 30 (12), pp. 2631-2638.

Prokopi, M., Pula, G., Mayr, U., Devue, C., Gallagher, J., Xiao, Q., Boulanger, C. M., Westwood, N., Urbich, C., Willeit, J., Steiner, M., Breuss, J., Xu, Q., Kiechl, S. and Mayr, M., 2009. Proteomic analysis reveals presence of platelet microparticles in endothelial progenitor cell cultures. Blood, 114 (3), pp. 723-732.

Pula, G., Mayr, U., Evans, C., Prokopi, M., Vara, D. S., Yin, X., Astroulakis, Z., Xiao, Q., Hill, J., Xu, Q. and Mayr, M., 2009. Proteomics identifies thymidine phosphorylase as a key regulator of the angiogenic potential of colony-forming units and endothelial progenitor cell cultures. Circulation Research, 104 (1), pp. 32-40.

Pula, G., Perera, S., Prokopi, M., Sidibe, A., Boulanger, C. M. and Mayr, M., 2008. Proteomic analysis of secretory proteins and vesicles in vascular research. Proteomics Clinical Applications, 2 (6), pp. 882-891.

Pula, G. and Krause, M., 2008. Role of Ena/VASP Proteins in Homeostasis and Disease. Handbook of experimental pharmacology, 186 (1), pp. 39-65.

Pula, G., Schuh, K., Nakayama, K., Nakayama, K. I., Walter, U. and Poole, A. W., 2006. PKCδ regulates collagen-induced platelet aggregation through inhibition of VASP-mediated filopodia formation. Blood, 108 (13), pp. 4035-4044.

Pula, G., Mundell, S., Roberts, P. and Kelly, E., 2005. Analysis of mGluR1a constitutive internalization using a pulse–chase enzyme-linked immuno-sorbant assay (ELISA). Journal of Biochemical and Biophysical Methods, 64 (3), pp. 167-181.

Pula, G., Crosby, D., Baker, J. and Poole, A. W., 2005. Functional Interaction of Protein Kinase Cα with the Tyrosine Kinases Syk and Src in Human Platelets. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 280 (8), pp. 7194-7205.

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Mundell, S. J., Pula, G., McIlhinney, R. A. J., Roberts, P. J. and Kelly, E., 2004. Desensitization and Internalization of Metabotropic Glutamate Receptor 1a Following Activation of Heterologous Gq/11-Coupled Receptors. Biochemistry, 43 (23), pp. 7541-7551.

Terstappen, G., Pellacani, A., Aldegheri, L., Graziani, F., Carignani, C., Pula, G. and Virginio, C., 2003. The antidepressant fluoxetine blocks the human small conductance calcium-activated potassium channels SK1, SK2 and SK3. Neuroscience Letters, 346 (1-2), pp. 85-88.

Mundell, S. J., Matharu, A.-L., Pula, G., Roberts, P. J. and Kelly, E., 2001. Agonist-induced internalization of the metabotropic glutamate receptor 1a is arrestin- and dynamin-dependent. Journal of Neurochemistry, 78 (3), pp. 546-551.

Conference or Workshop Items

Fortunato, T., De Bank, P. and Pula, G., 2015. Human Platelet Lysate Gel as a Substrate for Isolation and Delivery of Endothelial Colony-Forming Cells. In: Joint 28th European Society for Microcirculation (ESM) 8th European Vascular Biology Organisation (EVBO) Meeting, 2015-06-03 - 2015-06-06.

Pula, G., Fortunato, T. and De Bank, P., 2015. Human platelet lysate gel (HPLG) supports and stimulates endothelial progenitor cell-driven vasculogenesis. In: XXV Congress of the International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis, 2015-06-20 - 2015-06-25.

Bhalla, N., Pathak, S., Bowen, C., Taylor, J., Di Lorenzo, M., Pula, G. and Estrela, P., 2015. Field-effect devices for kinase drug discovery. In: 4th International Conference on Bio-Sensing Technology, 2015-05-10 - 2015-05-13.

Bhalla, N., Formisano, N., Miodek, A., Di Lorenzo, M., Pula, G. and Estrela, P., 2015. Integrated nanoplasmonic and field-effect devices for kinase drug discovery. In: 2nd International Conference on Label-Free Technologies, 2015-03-12 - 2015-03-14.

Bhalla, N., Formisano, N., Miodek, A., Di Lorenzo, M., Pula, G. and Estrela, P., 2015. Integrated nanoplasmonic and field-effect sensing for kinase drug discovery applications. In: 2nd International Conference on Label-Free Technologies, 2015-03-12 - 2015-03-14.

Bhalla, N., Di Lorenzo, M., Pula, G. and Estrela, P., 2014. Novel tools for protein phosphorylation analysis based on proton release detection. In: 24th Anniversary World Congress on Biosensors, 2014-05-27 - 2014-05-30.

Non-academic press

Pula, G., Estrela, P., Bhalla, N. and Di Lorenzo, M., 2015. Platform for Change. Innovations in Pharmaceutical Technology

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