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Book Sections

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Conference or Workshop Items

Lees, C., 2005. Germany. Letchworth: John Harper.

Lees, C., 2005. Political marketing in Germany. Manchester: Manchester University Press.


Non-academic press

Amery, F., Happer, C., Lees, C., McAngus, C., Cutts, D., Shaw, E., Thomson, J., Van Reenan, J., Tonge, J., Thompson, L., Saward, M., Matthews, N., Lynch, P., Murray, R., Scully, R., Whiting, S., Wilks-Heeg, S. and Honeyman, V., 2015. Election 2015:Conservatives gain in England, SNP rampant across Scotland – experts react. The Conversation


Lees, C., 2013. The 2013 German Federal Election: not so boring after all. Political Studies Association/EPOP.

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