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Hendon, C. H., Butler, K. T., Ganose, A. M., Román-Leshkov, Y., Scanlon, D. O., Ozin, G. A. and Walsh, A., 2017. Electroactive nanoporous metal oxides and chalcogenides by chemical design. Chemistry of Materials, 29 (8), pp. 3663-3670.


Wahila, M. J., Butler, K. T., Lebens-Higgins, Z. W., Hendon, C. H., Nandur, A. S., Treharne, R. E., Quackenbush, N. F., Sallis, S., Mason, K., Paik, H., Schlom, D. G., Woicik, J. C., Guo, J., Arena, D. A., White, B. E., Watson, G. W., Walsh, A. and Piper, L. F. J., 2016. Lone-pair stabilization in transparent amorphous tin oxides:a potential route to p-type conduction pathways. Chemistry of Materials, 28 (13), pp. 4706-4713.

Hendon, C. H., Walsh, A., Akiyama, N., Konno, Y., Kajiwara, T., Ito, T., Kitagawa, H. and Sakai, K., 2016. One-dimensional Magnus-type platinum double salts. Nature Communications, 7, 11950.

Cruickshank, D. L., Hendon, C. H., Verbeek, M. J. R., Walsh, A. and Wilson, C. C., 2016. Polymorphism of the azobenzene dye compound methyl yellow. CrystEngComm, 18 (19), pp. 3456-3461.

Uman, E., Colonna-Dashwood, M., Colonna-Dashwood, L., Perger, M., Klatt, C., Leighton, S., Miller, B., Butler, K. T., Melot, B. C., Speirs, R. W. and Hendon, C. H., 2016. The effect of bean origin and temperature on grinding roasted coffee. Scientific Reports, 6, 24483.

Nasalevich, M. A., Hendon, C. H., Santaclara, J. G., Svane, K., Van Der Linden, B., Veber, S. L., Fedin, M. V., Houtepen, A. J., Van Der Veen, M. A., Kapteijn, F., Walsh, A. and Gascon, J., 2016. Electronic origins of photocatalytic activity in d 0 metal organic frameworks. Scientific Reports, 6, 23676.

Hendon, C. H., Bonnefoy, J., Quadrelli, E. A., Canivet, J., Chambers, M. B., Rousse, G., Walsh, A., Fontecave, M. and Mellot-Draznieks, C., 2016. A simple and non-destructive method for assessing the incorporation of bipyridine dicarboxylates as linkers within metal-organic frameworks. Chemistry - A European Journal, 22 (11), pp. 3713-3718.


Kieslich, G., Kumagai, S., Butler, K. T., Okamura, T., Hendon, C. H., Sun, S., Yamashita, M., Walsh, A. and Cheetham, A. K., 2015. Role of entropic effects in controlling the polymorphism in formate ABX3 metal-organic frameworks. Chemical Communications, 51 (85), pp. 15538-15541.

Murray, A. T., Dowley, M. J. H., Pradaux-Caggiano, F., Baldansuren, A., Fielding, A. J., Tuna, F., Hendon, C. H., Walsh, A., Lloyd-Jones, G. C., John, M. P. and Carbery, D. R., 2015. Catalytic amine oxidation under ambient aerobic conditions:mimicry of monoamine oxidase B. Angewandte Chemie-International Edition, 54 (31), pp. 8997-9000.

Protesescu, L., Yakunin, S., Bodnarchuk, M. I., Krieg, F., Caputo, R., Hendon, C. H., Yang, R., Walsh, A. and Kovalenko, M. V., 2015. Nanocrystals of cesium lead halide perovskites (CsPbX3, X=Cl, Br, and I):novel optoelectronic materials showing bright emission with wide color gamut. Nano Letters, 15 (6), 3692–3696.

Sun, L., Hendon, C. H., Minier, M. A., Walsh, A. and Dincă, M., 2015. Million-Fold Electrical Conductivity Enhancement in Fe2(DEBDC) versus Mn2(DEBDC) (E = S, O). Journal of the American Chemical Society, 137 (19), pp. 6164-6167.

Hendon, C. H., Wittering, K. E., Chen, T. H., Kaveevivitchai, W., Popov, I., Butler, K. T., Wilson, C. C., Cruickshank, D. L., Miljanić, O. S. and Walsh, A., 2015. Absorbate-induced piezochromism in a porous molecular crystal. Nano Letters, 15 (3), pp. 2149-2154.

Park, S. S., Hontz, E. R., Sun, L., Hendon, C. H., Walsh, A., Van Voorhis, T. and Dinca, M., 2015. Cation-Dependent Intrinsic Electrical Conductivity in Isostructural Tetrathiafulvalene-Based Microporous Metal-Organic Frameworks. Journal of the American Chemical Society

Chambers, M. B., Wang, X., Elgrishi, N., Hendon, C. H., Walsh, A., Bonnefoy, J., Canivet, J., Quadrelli, E. A., Farrusseng, D., Mellot-draznieks, C. and Fontecave, M., 2015. Photocatalytic carbon dioxide reduction with rhodium-based catalysts in solution and heterogenized within metal-organic frameworks. ChemSusChem, 8 (4), pp. 603-608.

Hendon, C. H., 2015. Hybrid Semiconductors Design Rules and Material Applications. Thesis (Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)). Department of Chemistry.


Woodall, C. H., Fuertes Lorda, S., Beavers, C. M., Hatcher, L. E., Parlett, A., Shepherd, H. J., Christensen, J., Teat, S. J., Intissar, M., Rodrigue-Witchel, A., Suffren, Y., Reber, C., Hendon, C. H., Tiana, D., Walsh, A. and Raithby, P. R., 2014. Tunable trimers:using temperature and pressure to control luminescent emission in gold(i) pyrazolate-based trimers. Chemistry - A European Journal, 20 (51), pp. 16933-16942.

Hendon, C., Colonna-Dashwood, L. and Colonna-Dashwood, M., 2014. The Role of Dissolved Cations in Coffee Extraction. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 62 (21), 4947–4950.

Butler, K. T., Hendon, C. H. and Walsh, A., 2014. Electronic chemical potentials of porous metal–organic frameworks. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 136 (7), pp. 2703-2706.

Butler, K. T., Hendon, C. H. and Walsh, A., 2014. Electronic structure modulation of metal-organic frameworks for hybrid devices. ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 6 (24), pp. 22044-22050.


Hendon, C.H., Tiana, D., Fontecave, M., Sanchez, C., D'Arras, L., Sassoye, C., Rozes, L., Mellot-Draznieks, C. and Walsh, A., 2013. Engineering the optical response of the titanium-MIL-125 metal-organic framework through ligand functionalization. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 135 (30), pp. 10942-10945.


Hendon, C. H., Tiana, D. and Walsh, A., 2012. Conductive metal–organic frameworks and networks:Fact or fantasy? Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 14 (38), pp. 13120-13132.

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