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Book Sections

Perwez, S., 2013. Forthcoming. Understanding policies on sex selection in Tamil Nadu:ethnographic and sociological reflections. In: Kaur, R., ed. Mapping the Adverse Consequences of Sex Selection and Gender Imbalance. New Delhi, India: Orient Blackswan.

Perwez, S., 2011. Female infanticide and the civilizing mission in postcolonial India: a case study from Tamil Nadu c.1980-2006. In: Watt, C. A. and Mann, M., eds. Civilizing missions in colonial and postcolonial South Asia: from improvement to development. London, U.K: Anthem Press, pp. 243-269.

Perwez, S., 2009. Towards an understanding of the field within the field:researching female infanticide by researching NGOs in Tamil Nadu. In: Sridhar, D., ed. Anthropolgists inside organisatons. New Delhi, India: Sage, pp. 96-116.


Perwez, S., Jeffery, R. and Jeffery, P., 2012. Declining child sex ratio and sex-selection in India:A demographic epiphany? Economic and Political Weekly, 47 (33), pp. 73-77.

Egorova, Y. and Perwez, S., 2012. Old memories, new histories: (re)discovering the past of Jewish Dalits. History and Anthropology, 23 (1), pp. 1-15.

Egorova, Y. and Perwez, S., 2012. Telugu Jews:Are the Dalits of coastal Andhra going caste-awry? The South Asianist, 1 (1), pp. 7-16.

Egorova, Y. and Perwez, S., 2010. The children of Ephraim:being jewish in Andhra Pradesh. Anthropology Today, 26 (6), pp. 14-18.

Sidebotham, P., Fox, J., Horwath, J., Powell, C. and Perwez, S., 2007. Responding to childhood death. Exchange, 2007 (4), p. 9.


Perwez, S., 2013. Understanding policies on sex-selection in Tamil Nadu:Ethnographic and sociological reflections. Working Paper. Bath: Centre for Development Studies, University of Bath. (Bath Papers in International Development; BPD26)

Sidebotham, P., Fox, J., Horwath, J., Powell, C. and Perwez, S., 2008. Preventing childhood deaths:a study of 'early starter' child death overview panels in England. Department for Children, Schools and Families.

Conference or Workshop Items

Perwez, S., 2014. From barefoot brokers to entrepreneur brokers:the rise of a new social category in the development of Bihar? In: 23rd European Conference on South Asian Studies, 2014-07-23 - 2014-07-26, University of Zurich.

Perwez, S., 2013. Translating Development into Governance:The Rise of Local Intermediaries in Rural Bihar. In: 42nd Annual Conference on South Asia, 2013-10-17 - 2013-10-20, Madison Concourse Hotel, Madison, USA.

Perwez, S., 2012. From adherence to search:changing marriage practices in Tamil Nadu, South India. In: 22nd European Conference on South Asian Studies, 2012-07-25 - 2012-07-28.

Perwez, S., 2012. The rhetoric and practice of anti-caste resistance in coastal Andhra. In: Japan-Edinburgh Workshop on Social Movements and the Subaltern in Postcolonial South Asia, 2012-10-17.

Perwez, S., 2010. Judaisation of Dalits in coastal Andhra, South India. In: Mobility or Marginalisation : Dalits in Neo-liberal India, 2010-09-01 - 2010-09-02.

Perwez, S., 2009. Disjuncture between the personal and the political:some accounts of NGO fieldworkers from Tamil Nadu. In: British Association for South Asian Studies Annual Conference, 2009-03-30 - 2009-04-01.

Perwez, S., 2008. Sterilization as a state practice in Tamil Nadu. In: Bodily States in South Asia : Contemporary Histories, 2008-09-23.

Perwez, S., 2006. Female infanticide and sex selective abortions in Tamil Nadu:a public health issue? In: Leadership for Social Justice Conference, 2006-06-18 - 2006-06-23.

Perwez, S., 2006. Postcolonial state, civilizing mission and female infanticide in Tamil Nadu. In: 19th European Conference on Modern South Asian Studies, 2006-06-27 - 2006-06-30.

Perwez, S. and Sampath, R., 2005. Female infanticide and foeticide in South India:an analysis of the Civil Society approach vs State failure. In: XXV International Union for the Scientific Study of Population (ISSUP) International Population Conference, 2005-07-18 - 2005-07-23.

Perwez, S., 2005. Female infanticide and sex selective abortions:a post colonial encounter in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. In: International Sociological Association led Mid-term Symposium on Inequalities in Population, 2005-09-13 - 2005-09-15.


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